Omola Gleamingshard

By DigitalKathe on December 10th, 2018
Race: Charr
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Omola had long since left the Black Citadel for the Priory when she was assigned to investigating an increase of Inquest activity past the Brisban Wildlands, in the arid reaches of Dry Top. There, she found shelter and ever-interesting anthropological pursuits with the Maguuma Centaurs, who had chosen the peaceful path of Ventari rather than one of war.

One day while scouting out Inquest activity in Dry Top, a massive sandstorm blew in, and blinded by the swirling dust around her, she fell through some loose ground and wound up in a wondrous cave. After much ruminating, she came to the conclusion that the cave must be a ley line hub. She explored the place with her springer, though much to her chagrin, she hadn't brought along her regular equipment. When she set up camp for the night to wait out the sandstorm, she had some rather disturbing, muddled visions come to her in her dreams. She wasn't one to substantiate any fear without clear evidence, which she didn't have. Though something about those dreams had upset her core being, and she couldn't place it. In any case, she came to the conclusion that the Inquest must be up to no good with all the activity around the ley line hub, and took it back to the Priory right away. To her dismay, she wasn't even allowed to discuss the matter with Steward Gixx - she was just told to keep her findings to herself.

According to her fellow scholars, Omola left the Priory after the awakening of Mordremoth for reasons she refused to explain. Rumor has it she's begun a new chapter in her life, adventuring to the Crystal Desert in search of knowledge...


I've piled up a few looks that I'm happy with and have managed to find some screenshot spots I like....which I'm horrible at. I feel like I can't match scenes to characters, which is something I have to work on. Thing is, I'm not the most well versed in all the best screen spots in GW2, despite having played since launch. I don't have the most time in the world for it...

So anyway, Omola is my fresh air Tempest I've been working on that I'm really happy with. I'm thinking that I might do more with her, hence the "story" that's more like a backstory than anything else. If I can't find inspiration for Omola, well, I have 70 character slots that are constantly cycling between old, new, and revamped characters, so I'll definitely find something to do, ha ha. I'll make it a point to follow up on this so it's not a pointless little drabble. It doesn't really matter at all, and I know that, but it matters to me.


Fashion Guru
You have got a nice armor mix and you have many colors that are well combined.
Btw a real nice Story.
2018-12-11 5:34

Fashion Guru
Thanks so much! Glad I did well with this one!
2018-12-11 9:44 in reply to morv