By DigitalKathe on April 19th, 2017
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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4 2
1 0
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I tried a little something different with some brighter colors. Cyan and chartreuse! We'll see if this is a good thing or not, ha ha.

This is Brieese. He's always been a very flakey Asura, and even though he graduated from the College of Synergetics, he's never had a krewe to belong to. He'd probably just get bored of it if one ever did pick him up.

Without a krewe, he does odd jobs and helps out around Metrica Province, hopping from lab to lab without any real employment. He does a lot of dirty work for the krewes he helps, like getting rid of threats in the area, and is widely seen as an expendable asset by those he works for.

Luckily, he's a skilled enough Mesmer that he usually does the job quick and easy, getting out mostly unscathed.

Brieese is a casual, laid-back kind of guy - too laid back according to many of his peers. Though he has managed to find love. His wife, Druantea, is a successful inventor, and they now have a child together.


I actually really like this character :D His hair and eyes look great together, and you pulled off the bright colours really well - it makes me want to make a male asura now!
2017-04-19 20:45

Fashion Guru
Ah, thanks! I'm glad you like him~

I've had trouble being inspired for male Asura - I think they're the biggest challenge for me right now. But give it a try! The two I have, I'm pretty happy with. I deleted the one I wasn't happy with.
2017-04-20 6:23 in reply to Wyntta

Fashion Guru
All of your wonderfully bright dyes go so well together. He is a great lil asura. Gold.
2017-04-22 0:30

Fashion Guru
Oh, thank you! I'm glad he turned out well!

I admire your looks a lot, so this is rather encouraging, ha ha.
2017-04-24 10:24 in reply to jesandsteven