By Rohrym on May 3rd, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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5 4
1 0
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For this armor piece I tried to recreate Spartan armor in Gw2. I personally think this is probably the most historically accurate Spartan look (with a few fantasy elements) that I can recreate in the game. For this outfit I'm using Bronze as the main dye because armors at the time were mostly made of bronze, and I use some tangerine to accentuate and beatify certain part of the armor. Weaponwise i chose the Honor of Humanity and a Lionguard shield that both kind of look like an Spartan short sword and a Spartan shield.

I hope you guys like this piece, and as always feedback is welcome ;)


Elessar Taralom
Wow, your title screen really blew me away, such a good composition!
Your weaponchoice is especially spot on, I really love that you used this particular shield as it isn´t really seen too often in game
It´s a bit too heavy on the Vigil Armour to call it highly original though, but I do understand that at least two of the pieces were really necessary to achieve the look you were going for
With the dyes I really like the bronze dye you chose and while I also don´t mind contrasting it against the orange dye, the red in there makes it a bit incohesive for me; maybe I´d switch that out for a more neutral tone like brown or beige
Over all this is still a really great upload though, let alone for the gorgeous screens! ^^
2016-05-04 5:43

Fashion Guru
That's a very nice concept and I really like what you made here.
First I wasn't entirely sure about he shoulders and I would personally take something else but then again you wanted to incorperate some fantasy elements and therefore the Carapace shoulders are indeed quite fitting.
I really like the rest of the armour no matter if it's very original or not especially the chestpiece and the helmet are of course very spot on and fitting.
I like how you carefully chose the weapons and dyes to make this look more authentic though I have to agree with Elessar that the red could be replaced by a different dye that would fit quite better.
But other than that I really like your look and especially your screens so you deserve some Gold :3
2016-05-04 6:35

Thank you guys for your kind words^^

Yesterday I walked in LA with Theodora and two strangers approached me and asked if my character was from the movie 300. It is really awsome that people aren't afraid to ask you and aren't afraid to give you a compliment in gw2. That is why I love gw2 so much.
2016-05-05 11:15

Fashion Guru
Stunning title shot!
2019-03-05 7:15