By Rohrym on December 19th, 2018
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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I do like the general armor combination however need some help with the dye choices and with the gloves and boots. Some feedback would be greatly appreciated :D

Also thanks to Jerr "the Golum" for the dance off.


Fashion Guru
Well, if you want it to look like this its fine i guess :) a cute asuran casual scientist. I dont know if you want the same tone on the mask as on the dress, but if so that could be a goal. You match the armguard with the armors crystal, right? But maybe i'd give it another tone anyways, but thats personal taste i guess. So basically i'd look for shoulders and maybe a blue thats not as bright for your upper armor, idk
2018-12-19 12:48

Fashion Guru
Very cute!

I think the first improvement that comes to mind is the color difference between the pants and the rest of the outfit. Naturally, you would want a different color to contrast and add depth to the look, but the color you used (midnight blue, it looks like) is just too close to the base color (sapphire). So the difference looks sloppy rather than intentional. Maybe go with a dark brown to match her hair (I want to say cocoa would be a good match?) or something like that? Otherwise abyss is always a solid fallback option.

Also, while you're using the same dye (dark chocolate) for the mask and the highlights, the material and dye treatment is different with those items, making the mask feel separated from the rest. Try experimenting with similar browns/oranges to see if you can make a closer match with the rest of the dark chocolate elements.

As far as the gloves and boots, I don't see anything wrong with your choices. I think the gloves could use a different dye choice to help unite the metal pieces with something-- maybe a light gray to compliment the arm brace?

I'm happy to theorycraft further if you still want ideas. Just let me know what's still on your mind. Best of luck! This is a great start!
2018-12-20 13:09

Fashion Collector
I really like it! The armor is perfect. As for the colors, look to the NPCs for inspiration. What colors do they use? Or alternatively, you can match the color theme of the weapon you are weilding.
2019-02-17 1:27