Frost Blade Deliverance

By Garrius on April 1st, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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6 3
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The Frost blades potent ability to carve through the heaviest of armors is legendary. Only the most gifted of master craftsmen can create such an omnipotent weapon and each is considered incredibly rare and prestigious. The material used to craft such a weapon are unbreakable substances such as tempered diamonds. The last master craftsman who managed to create such a weapon was Urzan Drakgaard, however shortly after crafting his first Frost blade in the form of an axe he disappeared without a trace and as with all things given enough time he was forgotten.

With the threat of Elder Dragons always looming over Tyria among countless of other foes surely any of the hard pressed races would benefit greatly from such weapons , more so if they had a master craftsman who could provide them with these mighty weapons.

Unbeknownst to everyone was the fact that Urzan Drakgaard happened to be indisposed into another realm, that of the Mists , and for several years he would have added in a gravelly voice. However in reality , or rather in his previous reality the better part of seven decades has passed since his untimely disappearance . The reason why he found himself displaced into another dimension managed to stupefy Urzan as he witnessed one of the diamonds used in crafting the Frost blade pulse with power and suddenly opening a portal that sucked him into his current predicament. Too late he concluded that the diamond must have been channeling power from a force within the Mists, and too soon he noticed his stomach growling for venison and ale.
" Curse me for a fool !" were the first words bellowed into his new reality.

When the diamond imbued into his Frost blade pulsed again after several tortuous years it subsequently tore a new portal. One would think that Urzan would have hesitated to step through the portal ,after all he didn't know whether it would return him back to Tyria, another potentially deadlier realm or if it would create a ripple in the space time continuum ( not that he was aware such a thing existed) . It turns out he didn't , and upon fortunately materializing back into Tyria the reasons were obvious. Unlike before he wore a masterly crafted suit of armour integrated with internal temperature regulation that gave him the protection necessary to survive in more unforgiving environment, and the ability to harness the power of his latest Frost blade created from an ice dragons fang he slayed to gain favor from the ethereal patrons of the Mist realm he found himself in. Upon gazing the familiar skies of Tyria his stomach started protesting for venison and ale, hastily he started to survey his surroundings. His eyes adjusted quickly to the unfamiliar tundra he found himself in , scanning for any sort of homestead he could see.

Instead his gaze fell upon one of Jormags lieutenant creatures , the Claw of Jormag. Purposefully he broke into a run to face this fell abomination, the closer he got the sounds of battle became clearer through the howling gale wind. In less than a minute he joined battle with the brave adventurers of his world. Every warrior was busy in doing their part in fighting the Claw to notice the bulky figure of Urzan grinning with relish for the blow he was about to give the unsuspecting foe. He joined his two Frost blades together and they became one, the magic contained within the materials of the two blades pulsed as their powers charged and thusly discharged a radiant volley of pure energy towards the hulking dragon minion.

The Claw preoccupied with the brave host failed to notice the volley until it was too late, in an instant the volley discharged directly onto the creatures head. The blast didn't manage to kill the creature outright, but it did leave it vulnerable long enough for a killing blow , the hulking beasts was in an uproar upon realizing this. The adventurers used this opening instantly ,hundreds upon hundreds of blow were landing upon the beast, the blows felt like a swarm of bees had started to attack. Upon succumbing to the massive trauma it was subjected to the creature fell onto the ground with an earthshaking thud, the creatures uproar replaced with silence and then finally with the bellowing cheer of the victorious adventurers.

After their victory cheer had subsided the adventurers were left wondering who or what had created the volley that had ensured their victory. Too bad Urzan left in a hurry to find the nearest homestead to get stuffed with food,ale and a well deserved rest.

One must wounder how did Urzan survive his ordeal in another dimension? And how did he manage to procure the materials let alone the knowledge required for his newly acquired armour,weapons and abilities? That is a saga only he can tell us ,for now he seems to be happy to raid the dinning table.

At the time of writing it's 7 A.M and I've finished my first character/background story so I'll keep this part short. And also if you guys encounter any grammar errors I hope you won't mind them too much. :S

So for this look I wanted to create my first character backstory revolving around my Revenant's rather unusual weapons and his venture into the Mists. The choice behind the dyes is to resemble a more Nordic hero of sorts .The screenshots are used in telling a part of the story that I didn't cover in the description, that, and to give people that can't be bothered reading the whole thing a general idea behind the armour and weapons. This was my hardest look to make so far mostly due to the lack of decent looking armors you have with a male Norn. Hopefully the end result will speak for the effort I put into this look.

Some feedback on the story would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you guys enjoy it !


Great story and really cool story telling screenshots. ;)
My favorit screenshot is the first one in the 3rd line. Really imposing.
You choose an interesting armor combination, but I think the flower backpiece doesn't compliment your masculine look.
Max sliders for dye choice, screenshots and description. That's a gold for you ;)
2016-04-01 5:03

Elessar Taralom
I was a bit sceptical at first about the armour mix, but after reading your description and everything I really like it!
Your presentation is simply FLAWLESS, it is great to see people invest so much thought into their whole look
Also really great dye choices!
It is always hard to convince me with a male Norn, but you definitely made it, so take a well deserved gold ^^
2016-04-01 6:50

Fashion Collector
I'm glad I could convince you , a lot of work has been poured into this look. Your kind comment along with the invaluable feedback made it worth the effort. Thanks :)
2016-04-02 18:07 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Fashion Collector
I can definitely accept your reasoning behind the backpack , truth be told it was the only available backpack I have that looked alright with the look in general. Thank you for the awesome feedback and taking the time to write it ! ^^
2016-04-02 18:16 in reply to silvertree

2016-04-03 16:40

Fashion Collector
Your precious gold is gratefully accepted :)
2016-04-03 19:28 in reply to Hipax

You wanted feedback, here it is XD
First of all great story and great and fitting screen!
The armor is really cools too, the glorious parts make him look very elegant and the boots and helm let him keep the norn-feeling :)
Dyes are great, the cool blue and the warm white gold complement eacht other very well.
I love him in the screens, were his armor is so shiny, I think the third one with the staff in the edge of the mists is my favourite :)
So, great look, that absolutly deseves gold!
2016-04-10 5:45

Fashion Collector
I just want to say a huge thank you for giving me such a lovely feedback. However I must add that in all your excitement I think you forgot to give the vote. xD
2016-04-10 10:06 in reply to NanaItalia

Hm, strage... I'm sure I did the vote, but you're right, it wasn't there.
I also noticed, that in some looks I absolutly votet for some time ago, I was able to vote again... but maybe that has to do with the change in the medal system, who knows :)
2016-04-10 12:54 in reply to Garrius

Fashion Collector
I just hope it wasn't too much of a bother. Thanks again ! :D
2016-04-10 13:12 in reply to NanaItalia

Of course i will comment your Norn :P
I already voted Gold, but now youll get the comment for it :P
First of all, the screens, weapons and his story are very well done! The theme is quite cool *badum tss* and well executed.
The things that i dislike (a bit) are the colours and the armor-pieces. The colours of the metal are well chosen for the frost theme and i like them. In contrast thouhg, the black dye on the leather is a bit too dark imo. Maybe a more natural leathery tone or some sort of dark greyish dye would fit better (charred, cinders?).
What bugs me about the armor is, that you used the aetherblade pieces. It just looks a little off with the rest of the nornish style, but not in an extend that throws off the whole theme. In the end i gave you Gold after all ;D
2016-04-15 12:05

Fashion Collector
You really made some really fine points all around , I'd mainly like to point out that I chose the Aetherblade armor due to their textures working so damn well with the intended dyes, all the other armors that I tried looked bleak with most of the dyes in the game with the exception of the overly expensive ones which I don't think I'll ever get. The black dyes I thought looked rather good but now upon reading your feedback you gave me the right ideas to fine tune them a bit.
Huge thanks for the feedback , it really helps me in improving my current and hopefully future looks. Also I do apologize if I was a bit presumptions, in my previous comment. I guess even you can't be in all the comments all the time. Your feedback truly helped ! :D
2016-04-15 12:55 in reply to Hylek