Fierce Jungle Commander

By sevencat on March 17th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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8 5
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This is currently the look of my Ranger, my main character.
It's not the definitive look (working on it) but I still thought it was worth some work and I decided to share it! :D
It's also my first look on gw2style so yay!


I love the natural look of this character. Great dye choice and armor mix, and I especially like how well the backpiece fits in (rare to see it used)! Amazing first submission!
2017-03-17 22:17

Thank you so much for your comment! It's nice to have some feedback ^^
Yeah, this backpack it's one of my favorites so I tried to have the armor fitting the backpack and not the other way around :)
2017-03-17 22:33 in reply to Zark

Fashion Guru
Whoa, i really love the dyejob
2017-03-17 22:39

Thank you! :D
2017-03-17 22:44 in reply to horsie

Elessar Taralom
I LOVE the overall dye job on this, the Bladed Coat just dyes so well and a mashup of browns and turqouise is along my personal favourite dye schemes
The character still feels very druid like due to the other pieces you chose, even if the coat in itself doesn´t really fit that aesthetic
The shoulders bring in a great Norn feel as well
For your first upload you did really well on the presentation, the screens are great, the description could be a little more plentyful ^^
Only thing I can really criticise is the dye of the gloves, I think it sticks out a little on colour from the rest of the look; I´d maybe try around with a brown that is more similar to the hue on the coat, or maybe with a turqouise/blueish tone
But still, I love the overall upload, great dyes, great feel, have a gold and a follower from me! ^^
2017-03-18 5:48

I love the colours you chose!
They look very natural and well compositioned! Yet you added some highlights with the blue/ turquoise hues, which make it pretty interesting to look at :D
The beige tone of the glove looks aa bit unmatched to me and stands out a bit. But that doesnt distract from the overall great appearence!
I think theres room for improvement in the presentation-sector, but for your first upload you did very well!
A welcoming Gold from me ^^
2017-03-18 9:25

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
Very nice dye job indeed. for your first upload this is such a professional approach already! ofcourse there are still some things to get better at. but u will when u start getting more into it. For example. U could choose more locations for your screens. also sometimes it is nice to have some diversity into your weapons instead of taking all the same. The more unique skins u use (BUT) also match. Will make it alot more unique. for now u did a great job. so It's a gold from me. I'll also keep an eye on your next work ;)
2017-03-18 12:19

Omg! Thank you!! *bows* I've been following you for a while and I love all your work and getting this from a pro surely boosts my confidence eheh ^^
I tried to accomplish the Druid feeling with the Norn aswell... As for the gloves, yeah, you're totally right, they're kinda unmatch but I remember not liking much how other dyes looked. I'll try again! :D
Ty again for the amazing feedback!
2017-03-18 21:37 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Thank you! ^^ I'll try and work on those damn gloves ahaha
As for the presentation sector, I enjoyed tooking the screenshots but I guess I was too lazy to do more at new locations xD
2017-03-18 21:42 in reply to Hylek

Wosh, thank you! :o
Ahaha if only. I guess it's from looking at all the amazing screenshots from the people on this site... :D
As for the skins, I totally agree with you but unfornately I do not (yet) have that much more skins to work with (damn those I like are like... overpriced) but I'll keep that in mind for my next look! :D ty!
2017-03-18 21:48 in reply to Deathblade Kenny

Although I would have preferred to replace your eucalyptus dyes with old jeans dyes, I was very impressed by your main screen picture and just had to come in and vote gold.
2017-03-19 12:05

Ahah thank you! ^^
2017-03-19 19:55 in reply to Eremite

Very nice look. ^^ Definitely gives off that tough commander aura, and I love the dyes you used. Can't wait to see more from you!
2017-06-04 20:54