Into the Fray (War Eternal)

By sevencat on May 18th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Purple
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This was war.
Lightning. Striking... everywhere we looked we saw lightning striking everything around us.
Most of the men and women who were fighting Kralkatorrik had never fought anything before. Honor compeled them to follow into War, to rid the world of the Branded pestilence.
You almost could smell the fear in the air. The woe... was all too much to bear. Who were we to make this people follow us into the mouth of a Elder Dragon. They should be around the ones they love. To enjoy as much as they can.
Suddenly, a shriek break into the air. Commanders were shouting orders that you nearly could not listen so was the sound of thunder. It seemed the world had come to an end.
«How can you fight against such hate?», I wondered.
My thoughts would go running to my family, to all of the Dragon's Watch, to the men and women I was leading, to Aurene...
And so the answer followed.
We don't follow into this mayhem just because of honor, righteousness, courage, or even because of dread. You follow because of everything you hold dear in this good land.
So we were, going into the fray, with little hope to return.
This is what meant to be a champion to Glint. Not the courage, not the power, but sacrifice.
«For Tyria!», I shouted. And so the Mouth of the Dragon came looming over us.


Wow, I really enjoyed this last episode! :D
I had to write something about it, and ta-da, something about the last battle. No spoilers. As you can see, some of it was inspired in LOTR, some of the thoughts of King Theóden and Aragorn in the battles of Minas Tirith, Elm's Deep and Mordor.

The two weapons are Defiant Glass Greatsword and Longbow.
The aura is Aurora (just crafted it *u*) and the backpack is the Branded Relic Backpack/Glider.

Hope you like the look. It was inspired in the last episode of the LS4, War Eternal and in Aurora trinket.


Fashion Guru
Top story, beautiful character. Solid silver from me
2019-05-23 0:13

Thank you for the kind words :)
2019-05-23 17:40 in reply to Frans

Love the character, the story, everything.
Only thing I miss is a screenshot before the mouth of an elder dragon, the scene you beautifully described in your story.
2019-05-27 5:48

Thank you very much :D
I thought in taking one, but since I posted this one or two days after War Eternal I was afraid of it being a spoiler.
But thank you for the suggestion, maybe I'll add one later :)
2019-05-30 15:26 in reply to Vorn