The Slayer who became Commander

By sevencat on October 28th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Green
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This is the new look for my Ranger and main character. I want it to have a Nornish feel to it, but at the same time you could tell she is a ranger.
This looks symbolizes her journey from the Shiverpeaks, where she grew in, to Tarir, where she became Aurene's Champion. In between, she visited many places, fought many wars and with the help of Fenrir, her white wolf, Veth, her giant-hawk and Aslaug, her raptor, she ventured into the most remote places of Tyria.
Hope you like it!


The two bows are the Beastslayer Short Bow skin and the Mordrem Warbow.
The staff is the Beastslayer Staff skin.


Really love this look and the screenshots. They have a story that plays out! Beautiful toon as well :)
2019-05-21 17:02

Thank you :) Glad you like it.
2019-05-22 18:32 in reply to hellviticus