The Crystal Dragonhuntress

By sevencat on September 20th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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The new look of my guardian!
Ok, so basically I did it because I love the Crystal Guardian greatsword skin and I wanted an armor that matched it. Though I know it doesn't match exactly I'm proud of how it turned and I decided to share ^^'
Basically, it's an outfit made for Maguuma (Bladed pieces) but never forgetting she's a Guardian in the first place :)

Comment and give me your opinion! :D
(and who's very excited for the Path of Fire expansion?! I know I am XD)


Fashion Guru
I don't know why this didn't get more attention. Granted you used the same top and legs... But, your dyes are beautiful and go with the GS so well. Plus, nice screens. that's a gold from me.
2017-09-26 8:10

Thank you! :) Yeah, at first I didn't wanna use the legplates from the Bladed set... but then I liked the result, and let it stick with that.
Glad you appreciated the dyes! :D
2017-09-28 23:08 in reply to jesandsteven

Fashion Collector
Holy fuck, those are some awesome screenshots you got there, fam. Let me begin by saying I kind of dislike Guardians when it comes to taking screenshots, cause of that annoying Aegis (the shield). I mean it could be awesome if one would incorporate that thing into their overall look, but right now it doesn't really fit.

By having that out of the way, I absolutely adore everything she's wearing, especially that Great Swrod, oh boy. You did a great job by making it look majestic and on several screens making it a centre of attention--which is stunning to say the least.

Anyway, this pic fucking won the interwebz:
I love huge-ass tentacles laying waste to anything and everything. With you in front of that invisible monstrosity with it's tentacle poking out of the mist from the right side, makes the whole scenario looks even more stunning and epic.
It makes me feel all--Lovecraftian. :>

Gold. Here, take it. You deserve it!
2018-01-23 10:26

Wow... Thank you very much. I'm overwhelmed by your comment and very glad you liked the screenshots :)

YES! That Aegis annoys the crap out of me while taking the screenshots. I used two screenshots where you can see the Aegis but only because I liked the overall pic and did't wanted to have the trouble of taking another one XD

The sword was the main piece around the all look and I absolutely loved the close-ups of it... so I let it be the center of the attention :D

Ahaha damn I certainly enjoy the feelings you got from the pic! I had similar ones too.

Thank you very much again! ^^
2018-01-27 13:10 in reply to RASCALLON