Shining Blade Agent

By Mihrean on November 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Blue
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7 5
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Ruthless, refined and elegant. This Canthan Noble strives to honour her parents' memory though her service in the Shining Blade. The only question is: Why on Tyria is she friends with Lord Faren?

I'm absolutely loving playing on my thief at the moment and this is an attempt at creating a look around the noble chest-piece. I'm guessing it's been done before and better by others but I honestly haven't seen much like this in-game recently. Also I planned to take some screens at Countess Anise's party in LWS2 but I never got round to it. I guess this may be updated.

You can bet if I had bought the Shining Blade Glider I would be using it!


What an amazingly unique and creative idea!
I never thought a blue mantle would convince me like this :o
And even that mask is quite hard to combine with medium armor, chapeau!
Topped with an amazing presentation and a perfectly fitting, tasteful choice of weapons, this definitely is a Gold look!!!
2016-11-29 17:52

Amazing Look! :D
2016-11-29 21:26

Fashion Guru
Thank you- I really enjoyed putting this look together and I'm glad you appreciate it! The mask to be honest was the piece which finalised the outfit and made me think 'yes this may work'.
2016-11-30 10:03 in reply to Hylek

Very elegant! The pistol skin is nicely refined, and I *love* the colour choice!
2016-12-15 9:38