Thunder Asura

By Pattou on November 5th, 2015
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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9 5
1 0
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Hi everybody ! Here is an other of my asura, my elementalist !
His wearing the new coat from the leylines that I just love ! The collar must be the best part of this I think with the blue light.

He's a little creator of golems which use the power of the elements. He also has the other character (that you can see on my profil) for mates !


very cool ;)
2015-11-06 8:32

Elessar Taralom
looks cool, more screens pls!
2016-01-12 15:05

Shoulder, chest and weapons go really well together. I really do like the look! Keep it up ^.^
2016-01-24 18:18

De La Croix
asura power!!! i love this small raijin!!!! nice concept and style, melted gold
2016-02-24 9:44

I've just discovered Gw2 style, found this look, and love it so much I've applied it to my asura ele (my main). Didn't have quite the same blue shade, but it's close enough and keeps the detail in the cloth. Beautiful!
2017-10-13 20:24