The one who changes 2.0

By Yan Lan on January 31st, 2023
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Mirage job lasted but a blink, in the never ending whirl of change Eli does not stay the same either. He found a new happiness in life by becoming virtuoso. Jumping from a frustrating wreck that could not dress properly into a handsome lad with a special... sense of humour. Currently my absolute favourite.


Man this really reminds me of Nightborne from WoW. STELLAR job ((if you know what the Nightborne are, you'll understand that pun lol)
2023-02-03 22:39

Agreed with milo0o, I think the character design is stunning -- the scar is really beautiful with that face and hair. Virtuoso seems a natural pick as well. Eli's a looker, indeed. :)
2023-02-11 8:21

Yan Lan
Thank you! I am very happy to hear that, for weeks now he was my go to character whenever I just wanted to look at someone who suited my aesthetic. Now I have made a few more that can compete, but as much as I have been a jack of all trades, this guy both as a mirage and as a virtuoso will always have a special place in my heart :D
2023-03-11 14:07 in reply to mkene2