Lightforged Peacekeeper

By milo0o on January 28th, 2023
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Yellow
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I've always loved the Electromagnetic Cultural gear for Asura. I designed this look with the Asuran high tech culture as a Willbender Guardian. Color scheme idea came from the Lightbinder Blades (I almost named this outfit "Lightbender" as a play on words from Lightbinder Blade and Willbender elite specialization lol) and how I could make use of using as many Lightbinder Blades as possible to match the flavor of the Symbol of Blades skill, and the general flavor of the Willbender.

I like to think he is an advanced Peacemaker who is equipped with Lightforged* Asuran crystal technology, and dashes around the battlefield like something out of Armored Core.

*Lightforged idea came from the Lightforged Draenei in World of Warcraft, who also have a similar crystal-tech flavor like the Asura

My browser for some reason loads a blank page whenever I try to specify the armor or dyes, so I'll just list them:
Electromagnetic Helm
Electromagnetic Epautlets
Salvaged Forged Gloves
Electromagnetic Leggings
Etherbound Greaves
Lightbinder Blade Wings

Dyes are Fluff, Radiant Brass, Vision, and Incandescent

Weapons are Lightbinder Blades (x2), and Genesis (Hammer)


Fashion Guru
I really like the coloring you went with. Especially with that back piece/glider combo.
2023-03-10 3:45