You are not that GIRL

By ieva on January 27th, 2023
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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You are not that girl. You're not the girl who cried herself to sleep, the girl who called a guy hoping he would pick her up, the girl who agreed to be a second option, and you're certainly not the girl who waited for a guy to make his decision. Yet you're the girl...
Coffee or tea? Mountains or lake? To go or to stay? The series of decisions is endless. The carousel of thoughts never comes to a standstill. The "agony of choice" literally gets to the heart of the matter.
Here's a little picture story about a man who can't decide between two women and ends up with nothing but pigs for company....
I hope you understand. It really is a Celestial Challenge :)
So I created a festival character and had a bit of fun. A simple look, dyed in the Chinese tradition in the "lucky" colours of red and gold. I got the new weapons: First Night Spark and the cute red envelope. Also the back piece for the bunny year and the embellished bunny waistcoat, which I don't particularly like because the colouring is so weird.... For shoes I chose the Raven Ceremonial Sandals. The Canthan sun hat goes quite well with it, but I like it better without.


============== Apparently the page still doesn't work properly, can't use colors / armor parts tool at the moment========================
Weapons: First Night's Spark * Lucky Envelope
Back Item: Lucky Great Rabbit Lantern


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