Mother of the Marches

By TheKimmynator on September 27th, 2022
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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A devoted follower of Raven tending to the souls Jormag tortured in the Bjora Marches. This mesmer roams the aberrant woodlands and braves the harsh, cutting cold for the sake of the land's well-being.

Although she looks menacing, she brings a calm warmth, not unlike the comforting wisdom of Raven on a cold winter night.

She is often found at Jora's Keep to restock her supplies and to share her findings with Havroun Weibe, whom she considers a close friend.


A look I've been working with for a while now, finally decided to post it. I wanted my mesmer to look like anything but a cliché mesmer, not wearing pinks and purples. I wanted her to look primal, shamanic and rugged, but with a sense of wise elegance. A person with knowledge, experience that comes from a long life.

I stuck to dark shades to emulate her allegiance to Raven, the crystals on the gloves I dyed to look like ice crystals, as if she's harnessing the cold to her advantage. The big stomper boots seemed appropriate for trudging through the snow.


Raven Ceremonial Hood: Cocoa / Midnight Ice / Havroun / Tar
Zephyrite Shawl: Cocoa / Ruin / Midnight Ice / Havroun
Raven Ceremonial Garb: Ruin / Midnight Ice
Corrosive Touch: Shadow Blue / Tar / Havroun / Shiver Sky
Dry Bones Leggings: Ruin / Shadow Blue / Havroun
Forgeman Shoes : Tar / Shadow Blue / Ruin

Bioluminescent Staff / Spectral Greatsword / Raven's Eye (Scepter) & Ars Goetia (Focus)


Fashion Collector
I always look at the photo first before reading the description :) The first thing I noticed is that the gloves don't match the armor. But I was wrong, everything is well planned, you can see it perfectly in the 7th picture. I like your mesmer very much
2022-10-15 4:11

Fashion Guru
Ah thanks so much! I definitely wanted the gloves to be a stand out hehe, glad you like it!
2022-10-17 18:28 in reply to akki