Olga The Avalanche

By TheKimmynator on December 13th, 2023
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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A fierce fighter, she moves like an avalanche cascading down a mountain, smooth but violent, her name thunders throughout the Shiverpeaks...

I HAD to use the new Wintersday shoulders, they look so cozy, stylish and elegant, so I immediately put it on a mix of leathers, cloth and more fur. I wanted to create a look that doesn't look too heavy plated, but offers agility and high mobility instead. The look ended up equally rugged and elegant, the fur-lined leather with fine detailing and hints of plate for protection make it a nice mix of materials.

The dyes are a bit of a struggle, new fur textures dye differently/have more particles. So I opted for the dyes that match best in the hero/character select panel. In-game the dyes tend to shade very differently, but I can live with it.

As for the clipping hair, I don't mind so much, I enjoy the motion the hair gives in combat, you win some, you lose some.

Head: None (Wintersday Earmuffs or the Stag Helm are a cute options)
Shoulders: Winter Fur Shoulders: Crushed Bone / Cocoa / Vintage Silver / Vintage Silver
Chest: Braham's Chestplate: Cocoa / Scarlet / Vintage Silver / Tarnished Silver
Gloves: Braham's Gauntlets: Cocoa / Cocoa / Vintage Silver
Legs: Rift Hunter Heavy Leggings: Cocoa / Blood / Vintage Silver / Permafrost
Shoes: Dolyak Greaves: Vintage Silver / Cocoa / Crushed Bone

Officer's Remnant Greatsword / Dragonbone Sword / Wolfborn Shield / Officer's Remnant Axe / Nightmare Splitter


ah, you're back... I like your Olga.Gold from me :)
2023-12-17 23:13

Fashion Guru
I've been playing hehe, just not posting much. Glad to see you're keeping it up! :) And thank you! She's already dear to me
2023-12-18 4:55 in reply to ieva

game penghasil uang
2023-12-26 21:36

Hi ! First of all : instant gold for me, I love how much it reflects the Norn race !
Next : would you mind telling me what body type and height you used for that character ?
2024-02-14 10:11

Fashion Guru
Thanks, appreciate it! :) She is max height and the body type is the first one, top left.
2024-02-15 4:15 in reply to Once

Thank you very much :)
2024-02-15 4:48 in reply to TheKimmynator