Senex, the Wandering Oak

By TheKimmynator on February 15th, 2022
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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A quiet sylvari who keeps to herself, endlessly studying the mists which her race knows so little about yet... The magic she draws from that place beyond life has given her the power to resist her once master elder dragon. This new found freedom has made her a wandering oak, uncertain and looking for new a purpose. She is old, for a sylvari, her face and body overgrowing with hard bark. She imbued herself with the lingering magic she found in maguuma, combining stone and hardened ancient wood to craft her armor.

I've left my sylvari revenant to gather dust for years, but I always come back to her :,). I wanted to update her look, making her look bulky and strong, like an old oak tree, fortified. She looks stoic but warm, a motherly tree who has been there and done that. Of course I wanted to translate her glow into the armor and it made sense given the story arc, to have her craft armor from her travels. I read in the Ghosts of Ascalon novel that a sylvari's ''blood'' looked gold, thus the colour choice for the glow.

Oaken Helm: Silt / Camel / Spring Breeze
Maguuma's Mantle: Silt / Camel / Swampblack / Nectar
Warden Coat: Midnight Bronze / Swampblack / Spring Moss
Maguuma's Grasp: Silt / Camel / Swampblack / Nectar
Oaken Leggings: Midnight Bronze / Spring Moss / Silver Satin
Leystone Greaves: Silt / Midnight Bronze


I really like the touch of grey on the helmet, it fits the stone of the pauldrons but also reinforces the idea of her looking "old" and grandmotherly.
2022-02-16 12:40

Fashion Guru
Ah thanks, that was exactly the intention. I do wish they would add more cultural armor for individual races, it's been years and it would be nice to have some more plant-themed armors to play around with.
2022-02-18 17:55 in reply to Gewreid

Fashion Collector
The use of cultural and Maguuma looks really well done. The screens in turn look great in all lights, and the one with the Oakheart is just wonderful.
2022-03-11 16:08