Battlefront Commander

By TheKimmynator on February 15th, 2022
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
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Gunnhild Greatbear, a mighty norn fighter, but also a masterful battle strategist.

She dons heavy plated armor to make her look even more imposing and to emphasize her sheer greatness, towering way above most of her allies and enemies...
The royal blue colours highlight her supportive role in her squad, inspiring morale and sending out waves of healing magic. With her shield and axe she can push back and cleave whoever gets too close, keeping her squad in formation. Using morale-boosting shouts she leads her squad through any battle to a well-earned victory.

I've been wanting to create a more classic guardian type of look for my norn, and finally I got into it with the healbrand role. She looks like she can take a punch or ten and still keep her team alive. I wanted her to look impressive and elegant but definitely ready for a fight.

Firebrand's War Miter: Burnished Steel / Silver / Amenity / Royal Blue
Luminous Heavy Pauldrons: Silver / Royal Blue / Burnished Steel
Luminous Heavy Cuirass: Silver / Royal Blue / Sincerity / Burnished Steel
Elegy Gauntlets: Silver / Burnished Steel / Royal Blue / Permafrost
Triumphant Legplates: Burnished Steel / Silver / Amenity / Royal Blue
Elegy Greaves: Silver / Burnished Steel / Royal Blue / Permafrost

Forest Scout Cape: Phtalo Blue / Burnished Steel

Staff: Scryer's Circle
Axe: Dragon Slayer Axe
Shield: Heroic Dragonsblood Shield


When I saw the screens on small display I thought it was a male character, so your intention to make it look more "imposing" works quite well. I like those blue fabric parts, it makes the steel colours really shine.
2022-02-15 8:46

Fashion Guru
Aaah thanks! It also helps that I made her as tall and bulky as posssible in character creation hehe. :)
2022-02-15 9:24 in reply to ieva

I absolutely love how the axe fits the outfit, imposing yet elegant indeed.
Great choice of armor pieces too, the blue cloth really ties it all together, especially with that touch of color on the helmet as well.
2022-02-16 12:31

Fashion Guru
Thank you! I actually crafted the axe for this look while I was putting it together. :)
2022-02-18 17:55 in reply to Gewreid