Gunnhild Greatbear, follower of Bear

By TheKimmynator on September 12th, 2021
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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A mighty warrior of incredible height, she's as tall and imposing as a bear ready to maul it's prey.

Although a renowned warrior and commander, she continues to stalk the cold mountainrange of the Shiverpeaks for challenges to build her legend.

She tends to make her home in Bjora Marches, feeling responsible for the safekeeping of Jora's Keep and aiding Havroun Weibe in defending it from Jormag and it's minions.


I wanted to create a look that felt very much like the norn from GW1, EotN, or GW:EN. The norn back in the day wore little armor as they still do, but it contained more gold and leather tones. Their upper bodies were often barely armored and they wore a mixture of plate and leather, combined with the furs and pelts they collected on their hunts.

I think I managed to create a pretty classical norn look of a rugged fighter who knows her way around the cold terrain and has earned her tattoos.

Armor & dyes:

Bear Ceremonial Hood: Antique Bronze / Midnight Rust
Braham's Pauldrons: Bronze / Bronze / Midnight Rust
Pit Fighter Chestguard: Bronze / Antique Bronze / Cocoa
Stag Gauntlets: Bronze / Antique Bronze
Council Guard Legguards: Bronze / Midnight Rust / Midnight Rust
Dolyak Greaves: Bronze / Midnight Fire / Antique Bronze


A pretty cool and fitting Norn look using a nice variety of different armor pieces.
You definitely succeeded in doing what you set out to do.
2021-09-13 4:17

Fashion Guru
Thanks! Glad you agree on it's success ;D
2021-09-13 15:04 in reply to Gewreid

Fashion Guru
Love it! The war god's focus is also a really nice touch.
2021-10-25 3:40

Fashion Guru
Ahhh thank you! :D It remains one of my fav foci
2021-10-28 17:40 in reply to Saulot