Blue or Gold?

By Taelaestaeri on May 3rd, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
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Warbeast is my absolute favourite armor set in this game, except for the gloves and shoulders. That's where the Dominion Tribune Manica comes in! It acts as both gloves and pauldrons, which frees up the shoulder slot for Winter's Presence. The Warbeast headpiece is okayish but I don't like covering up my eyes. The halo isn't necessarily the best option for a headpiece but it makes my character look talller without having to change its height c{?_?}?

• Headpiece: Immortal Light Halo (Golden Lion)
• Shoulders: Winter's Presence
• Chest: Warbeast Vestments (Golden Lion, Blue Orchid, Golden Lion, Oasis)
• Gloves: Dominion Tribune Mannica (Blue Orchid, Golden Lion, Blue Orchid)
• Leggings: Warbeast Pants (Golden Lion, Blue Orchid, Blue Orchid)
• Boots: Warbeast Shoes (Golden Lion, Blue Orchid, Oasis)
• Back: Eternal Mandala Backpack (Blue Orchid, Golden Lion, Magenta, Oasis)


Fashion Collector
Silver from me.

You have good sense of shape and geometry to your character and a good (albeit not yet great) sense when it comes to making screenshots. These are your strengths. Using Dominion Tribune Mannica to offset your missing shoulders was a great idea, especially when their massive, thick design is in harmony with jagged, rough and macho style of the chestpiece.

Where you're lacking of your sense of colors. You stuck to roughly just two (least at first glance) very gaudy and not neccesairly complimenting colors. These generally erase any deeper intricacy to your look, giving off a boring experience until external factors (infusions, skill effects, landscape) come into play.
2021-05-11 12:53

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