Sauron the Dark Lord

By Rezhu on May 2nd, 2021
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Since I play necromancer and recenlty watched the LOTR series again, I decided to try and recreate Sauron.

It is a pretty difficult job since necromancer uses Light armor, and sauron is wearing metal armor. To cover this up and add just a little bit more to his dark personality, I kept the ghostly infusion shown. As there is no light helmet like Sauron.. nor is there any helmet like Sauron's in game.. I went for a helmet skin that has a pointy look similar to Sauron's helmet. The open part of this used helmet is covered up by the ghostly infusion as well as the poly undulating infusion (black).

The armor used in the picture, seers armor, is chosen because it covers up a small bit of the character's chin and neck to give a better full armor look.

The chosen miniature is tequatl who represents a fellbeast.

As last I use the endless embiggening tonic to increase my character in size.

Used armor:

Helmet: Bloodstone Crown
Pauldrons: Seven Reaper Pauldrons
Armor: Seer coat
Gloves: Carapace gloves
Pants: Runic pants
Shoes: Carapace shoes
Cape: Ice Reaver cape

Used dyes:

Shadow abyss on all parts


Fashion Collector
There are some light armors that actually look heavy. Stuff like elegy, mistshard, forgeman. Browse around the warderobe and you may find something that does not need x number of dark infusions to keep it from looking like some crossdresser or a priest ;)
2021-05-11 6:10

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