By ieva on January 18th, 2020
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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_______________ Those who give in-those who eat the flesh of their own-become the boneskinner. It doesn't just consume you. It takes your voice, your last words, your dying screams... And it uses you to hunt.______________
Boneskinners are creatures from norn legend that lurk around Bjora Marches and are Jormag's minions. It is said that the local forest has dark and powerful magic which can drive people to madness-induced hunger. Those who succumb to this hunger eventually fall prey to cannibalism, becoming insatiable and needing more food until they become a boneskinner over time.
Boneskinners are stalkers in darkness that set traps, ambushes, and throw their voice and mimick previous victims to trick their prey before consuming them. While there are multiple Boneskinners lurking, they are solo hunters by nature, so one need not expect to find them in groups.
The whispers draw me deeper in. Warm, gentle, like a mother comforting her cub. An old friend welcoming me home. Is this my home now? They remind me I'm still alive, still hungry. Always so hungry. I'm disgusting...
...In the distance the creature screamed again, but this time it sounded different, more forceful. No scream of the creature had ever gone through its marrow like this one.
What am I becoming? Is it a trick of the light on the snow, or do my claws grow longer? Why does the hunger gnaw away even now, after I did this horrible thing? What's wrong with me? Koda, help me.
Today I present my idea with Boneskinner Back Item. A norn that went mad and transformed. I adapted the colour of all armour parts to Back Item. I used green paint on her leg dress as an accent, which is associated with green Boneskinner lights.

I hope you have fun watching this

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Armor Dyes:
Weapon: Staff of the Lost
Back Item: Prize of the Boneskinner


Amazing! Waiting for more updates about armor and dyes.
2020-03-26 0:33

I'm glad you like it.
Armor parts: Dry Bones Hood*Tribal Vestments*Spearmarshal's Gloves*Havroun Leggings*Funerary Shoes
Armor Dyes:
2020-03-26 2:47 in reply to Dherix

Thank you! Love the mix of all btw
2020-03-26 15:24 in reply to ieva