Astrid Heldottir, Valkyrie of Honor

By XynKe on July 8th, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
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12 2
4 0
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Warmth fled from the body, the cold ground soaked in blood as strength fades. The shattered image of centaurs stampede towards his comrades as they fled for he knew that for his sacrifice they were given enough time to secure a foothold. To die here as a diversion is no honor but sacrifice, a sacrifice he is willing to take. As his last few breath comes to a close the only thing on his mind is his wife and unborn baby “what will become of them” he wondered as he drifted into sleep.

In a flash he found himself standing dazed and confused “Am I in hell?” he muttered. “No, but you are far from it” A strong yet motherly voice boomed from an opening. A gigantic women appeared as tall than the tallest norn, wings dark as the night as if she outright wears them, ornate gold and white trimmed her velvet cloth. She was imposing, enough to make the fiercest charr hide in a box and the proudest norn prostate in respect and fear. On her right she carries a staff decorated with thorns and a skull, no doubt a trophy of the highest caliber.

“My Name is Astrid Heldottir, daughter of Hel and granddaughter of what you humans call Grenth” She boast proudly. “Ah, so I am in Hel” the man joked cautiously, Astrid let out a small smile “Hell, Heaven it is all the same in the Mist little man. But in your case you have been given the honor of living the rest of your spiritual life here in the Heart of The Mist” The vast openness of the mist is incredible, floating islands, monoliths that tower the scenery and the chilling wind that blows through the trees.

“But why am I here? I have done nothing to prove honor, I even died being a sacrifice and leaving my wife behind. I have no honor or anything to prove” The man gazed at Astrid sorrowfully. “Oh but you did. Sacrifice in battle is an honor, because of you hundreds of soldiers made it back to their friends and family. You who stood the line ferociously and challenged the centaur chief. Though you did not defeat him it gave many the chance to either run or stand with you and those who stand with you are given the honor of battle. Come I have people for you to meet or I should say...reunite” Though she was gigantic he expected her to be more slow and cumbersome but really she was graceful. As she lead him through a series of ruins and paths he felt the warmth of the fire and as they got closer Astrid made way, signaling that they have reached their destination. As he entered warmth instantly washed over him like a wave as the lights begin to dance one by one they sharpened to be more... human.

For this look, I really wanted to incorporate both an angelic and demonic fashion, Astrid being both the protector and bringer of death to the honored dead. I wanted to do something with both the wings as well as the feathers she has on her equipment (shoulder and chest) the idea is that if shes not using the wings the revert back into these feathers in her clothing, its a cool idea that I incorporated into the outfit. Anyways I hope you enjoy this submiton cause i really like this one out of all my creations so far.


Your screenshot are awesome as always!
2017-07-08 10:28

Fashion Collector
Some of trolls vote bronze to this look and It' s sad. Great job and gold fot exellent expression :).
2017-07-09 8:20

Fashion Collector
this is so nice! lovely screens and a great description.
i feel like the bottom is a little to heavy on white dye, so the only thing i would change would be switching the midnight sky and icing dye channels in the boots. but, that's totally personal preference!
gold :)
2017-07-09 15:29

boobs everywhere O.O :D
nice look! the screens are cool and she looks awesome. this is a classic yet beautiful dye combo and the different armor pieces match very well!
gold :)
2017-07-10 8:25

Elessar Taralom
I really like this!
The armour is very goodlooking, but the dyes definitely take the cake
The way Icing is used here is super beautiful and very creative
Topped off with a great presentation this is a definite gold from me!
2017-07-10 9:31