Dante Alditore, Avatar of Kormir

By XynKe on March 21st, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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"You shall bring my hammer of judgment upon the world" -Kormir

Dante is no normal child, though born to a loving family on the outskirts of Shaemoor and enjoyed a carefree childhood. HIs powers would not surface on the day that he sees the injustice and destruction in the world.

In the womb of his mother, Kormir gifted him one of her eyes as well as one of Abbadons. This child would come to possess the powers of truth and secrets. The other gods angered at the thought of Abaddon's power to walk on Tyria once more, demanded an answer as to the reason why Kormir would do such an act. "Tyria will soon be shrouded in darkness. The folly of mankind and its leaders refuse to see the truth, while they hide in their city walls there are those who see the darkness lurking encroaching on their border and inside those city walls.... There are injustice in the world in this world that must be dealt with if humanity is to survive"

The year 1325 AE, Season of the Xephyr (Spring)
As the village of Shaemoor burns, the screams of man, women, child, young and old rung from all around. The clatter of hoofs trample lifeless bodies of villagers and soldiers. As Dante and his family head to the city gates and behind them a pack of centaurs gaining on them. In a last ditch effort, his father August yelled to him "take care of your mother and little sister" In one heroic second he stopped and faced the centaurs and smiled back at his families cries and dismay. "Come and get me you damn ponies" as he cut down a centaur's torso from its body.

Unable to look back he continue running, but the maze of burning buildings, as well as her fatigue mother carrying baby Jane, made the process slow and careful. Suddenly a large tree toppled over nearly crushing him but unfortunately blocked the way. With fire closing around the family, he pleads his mother to get up and soon as they turned around 3 centaurs slowly rose out of the fire and on their hands the crudely made weapons. The centaur on the middle held a sword...his father's sword. Blood runs down its blade as he points it at Dante, then to his mother and sister. Wishing to fulfill his father's last words, Dante through himself in the middle to protect his family, with a nearby wooden board as a makeshift weapon he challenged the centaur.

The centaur laughed, but instead of fighting Dante, he galloped and threw him aside. His sword pointed at his mother, Dante helpless could only watch as his face thirst for blood. As the centaur lifted his father's sword and ready to swing at his mother and sister time suddenly halted. Fire burned yet would not move, the centaur on its hind legs ready to murder a villager nearby did not move.

"This is one of the many injustices in this world. You have the power to stop this" A voice filled his head. "Accept my gift of truth and secrets and your family will be saved. But this will come at a price" Glancing at his mother protecting baby Jane "I will take any price as long as they are saved"

"Dante Alditore, You will become my hammer of judgment upon the world. Open your true eyes and punish thy enemies in my name"

In one split second time reverted, and in that instance, bright lights and strong winds engulfed the area. When he opened his eyes, to his surprise saw that the centaur and everything in front of him, from the wood to the ground itself turned to solid jade. His mother shocked at the sight looked over at Dante with both relief and confusion. Distant voices in his head spoke in unison " Defeat our goddesses enemies" instinctively he followed he obeyed.

Following that incident, Dante has no contact with his mother. The village of Shaemoor littered with the jade statues of petrified centaurs.
Dante left to pursue the enemies of Kormir, from the white mantle to the dragon minions. Anything that poses a threat to everything he holds dear is an enemy.

Dante honed his skills, wielding the powers of Champion and Villains past. Mallyx and Shiro being powered by the Eye of Abaddon. Ventari and Jallis from the Eyes of Kormir. Glint being only awoken when both eyes are channeled to manifest her power. Dante willingly became an Avatar for her goddesses so that her will be fulfilled.


Hi again, sorry bout the really long description but I just love writing down stories for my characters. The photos for this one was really difficult to get cause of the very quick movements of the revenant. But here it is 3rd character hope you guys enjoy.


Nice work with the armor.
2017-03-21 9:09

Deathblade Kenny
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I think this look deserves more than it gets. now about your armor mix. it's quite good cuz u match small details with other small details. like the spikes on your legs and helm. and not just one of them. I like that. What u trried to do with the some screenshots is very difficult to do. For example: When u are in the air to strike your enemy... U still see the red circle around them u should try and target it, use the skill, click away from the npc, swap back to screenshot mode and then u capture the moments. It will really improve the screenshot wihout seeing those. it can take some time but it will be worth it ^^ Dye job is oke. However i would of stepped away from the abyss to make it stand out even more and fit your weapon for example. as for the scarf. i don't think it fits here but i don't think scarfs fit that well anywhere. cuz of it's bad design imo. Very interesting story u have and for that u get my gold for this. (BUT) alot can be improved.
2017-03-22 12:07