Alexis Pentaghast Champion of Humanity

By XynKe on March 19th, 2017
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: White
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7 4
1 0
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Alexis Pentaghast was once a soldier of the Flacon Company that sadly was defeated and the majority of it members dead or missing including his own sister Deborah.

Alexis spent a whole year recovering from his wounds and half of it in a coma. When he awoke, he discovered he was unable to stand or do much of anything. Thankfully Petra, a childhood friend of Alexis was able to take care of him. During that time Petra was rehabilitating Alexis with his legs as they have been severely trampled and the bones severely shattered. During that time Alexis was at his lowest point, he is a soldier meant to protect, but here he is being taken care of by someone he is sworn to protect. 2 years have passed since that day and now Alexis is able to pick up a sword as well as have the ability to again walk and make full use of his legs.

Much to Petra's dismay, he went back to the seraph to ask tutelage of Logan Thackeray. As a fellow guardian, he wanted to learn to manifest the flames of wrath. During his training, as though he was gifted with the talent mastered what Logan knew in just over a month. As a reward, Logan gave an armor said to be worn by the First Champion. Only those who have mastered the skills are given such relics.

In recognition of this, the queen personally invited Alexis to the throne room. There he was presented with a staff adorned with a white crystal atop its spire. The queen presented an ebony sword engraved with the words "burning passion of humanity" as soon as Alexis touched the sword it lit with ferocious blue fire. Though it burned fiercely it doesnt burn nor smoked, rather it gave warmth flame easy to touch. Amazed the court kneeled and the queen spoke "The champion has been chosen, with his help the future of Krysta will burn bright"

I'm sorry it couldn't be longer the original was 9 paragraphs but sadly the website logged me out and couldn't post it and the whole description was erased. The original was that yes he was rehabilitated for 2 years, trained under Thackeray for a year, got a message about her sisters location, rescued her sister and prisoner from a bandit cave and found armor and weapons along with gold. Expelled from the seraph by Thackeray so Alexis can freely travel around the world but he must send back letters to the shining blade about the things he found around the world including him joining the vigil, forming the pact and eliminating Zhaitan. By the end of it, the Shining blade collected enough information to publish a book titled "The Champion of Humanity" and thus how he got his title


I like the style, you definitely made something beautiful out of the Ardent Glorious skins.
However the glasses are absolutely out of place imo :S
I wouldve prefered a helmt, or nothing as headpiece.
Since your presentation is very good i still give you a Gold tho :P
But for next time: your screens are quite dark, stick to daytime maybe.
2017-03-19 20:55

Fashion Collector
Note take, thanks for the response. I posted a few more screen shots that are during the day as well as taking the glasses off. The reason for the glasses is because it makes his eyes more focused because the iris is actually celestial so its a bit hard to see
2017-03-19 21:38 in reply to Hylek

Yea the glasses kinda break the look =( Otherwise it looks pretty good.
2017-03-20 11:19