Amber Protector

By hellsqueen on February 17th, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Orange
Vote Breakdown
17 4
1 0
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It's been a while since I posted, I was feeling burnt out from the game from doing so much in such a little time, but I am back which means more outfits. Speaking of which, I have made some that I have been pretty pleased with and this is one of them, I finally got around to taking pictures, it was hard to decide where to take pictures, but I think I am happy with how they turned out. I might upload an update for my necromancer, who has gone through some epic changes and she looks bad ass.

Would love some constructive feed back, thanks.

Updated: I have erased the story as this character no longer looks like this and the story I wrote is no longer something I wish to share and I am a bit embarrassed with sharing. I just want to keep focus on the outfits I have made and why.


10/10 would rush in again
2017-02-17 9:11

Looks great. Everything so naturally well together. Beautiful screenshots too.
2017-02-17 10:36

Beautiful screenies and very pretty Sylvari! Definetly gold!
2017-02-17 20:26

Thank so much everyone :)
2017-02-18 8:16

Fashion Guru
Beautiful dye choices.
2017-02-19 4:46

I like that. You got my gold
2018-12-31 21:29