A Pirate's Life For Me

By hellsqueen on October 23rd, 2017
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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This is my little sea faring Asura. With a spunky attitude and business mind, she became the greatest Captain that Tyria would see.
I couldn't bring it in me to not make her look just a little bit cute though.

The screens were amazingly fun to do and I tried mixing some things up with camera positioning and such. Overall, this was a fun project.
As usual, love constructive feedback :)

Updated: I have erased the story as this character no longer looks like this and the story I wrote is no longer something I wish to share and I am a bit embarrassed with sharing. I just want to keep focus on the outfits I have made and why.


Top shit
2017-10-23 4:26

Fashion Guru
Your screens are wonderful and really entertaining to look through. Your armour choices fit perfectly and I loved reading your story. Dyes are maybe a hint too dark for my tastes but that may simply just be that the screens are at night/inside. 100% gold regardless :)
2017-10-24 1:29

Aww thank you so much! They are a bit dark and I did notice that they did feel a lot darker where I took the screens. I was going to do the brown on the shirt as well and do the hat black instead but for some reason it just didn't feel as right.
2017-10-28 0:33

Elessar Taralom
What a cute little pirate!
I always have soft spot for pirate looks and this is no exception
Really well done, gold from me ^^
2017-10-28 14:09