Wizard of the Realm

By hellsqueen on October 9th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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My screens are not as good as they could be, my laptop struggles a lot more these days and all of my old stuff was taken on my old good desktop, so I can't spam out shots and capture every moment like I used it, it tends to freeze on one frame so I miss a lot more wonderful moments now and can't experiment as much. Also some of these necro skills aren't quite as photogenic as some of my previous classes.

Anyway, I needed to make a new character who I felt would really make the Harbinger shine when I can finally get my hands on it.

So let me introduce Trisse Immonde, she got lost in the Mad Realm when she was ten years old and with her desire for knowledge and excitement, she ended up staying there until she was seventeen years old. It wasn't until she was faced with the consequences of her actions of the family she had left behind after choosing to stay that she realized she could not return there any longer.

This look is just missing the Mad Memoir's minis. Not sure which colour but it needs a magic floating book :)

Dyes are marked out as best I can to represent what slots they are in.
The Bracketed code are chat codes I took from the Wiki so that you could paste them in game to preview yourself :)


Luminous Virge - [&AgGWQwEA]
Spellfire Torch - [&AgH+cgEA]
Moonshank - [&AgEXZgAA]
Intricate Artificer's Backpack - [&AgGv9QAA]
Stained Glass Wings Glider - [&AgGSbwEA]
Mini Mad Memoires - [&AgH2ZwEA]

HEAD: Witch's Hat
Shadow Abyss | Ancient Silver
Shadow Abyss | Crushed Bone

SHOULDERS: Dusk and Dawn Shoulders
Crushed Bone | Black
Lemon Zest | Sand

CHEST: Country Coat
Crushed Bone
Black | Daffodil

GLOVES: Leystone Gloves
Black | Black

PANTS: Researcher's Pants
Golden Sheen
Black | Crushed Bone

BOOTS: Ornate Guild Shoes
Crushed Bone | Gold Fusion


I am always surprised - people who have good screens apologize because they are not so good and others (who do not even manage to make a picture where the character is visible) are insulted when you comment on it...
Your pictures are more than ok! I like your idea with hat, shoulders and matching staff as accents to quite plain (chest/leg part) armor. You have my gold ;)
2021-10-09 13:14

Thank you so much! This has been one of my most favorite combinations I have made in quite some time and the most inspired I had felt in ages. I always forget to post things because I don't feel like I can do them justice on my hardware these days and I no longer feel like writing out the elaborate stories like I used to either because I am just haven't been so passionate in a while. So this has been a real boost to getting back to what I love.
2021-10-13 2:23 in reply to Frans

What more can i say than what Frans already did...
I really like the simple clothes that are accessorised with the gold elements of the shoulders and weapons.
It highlights the quite flashy design of the hat and balances it out at the same time.

What weapons/skins do you plan to use on the harbinger once it comes out?
2021-10-13 6:09

Ahh! Thank you so much!

I plan on keeping the Luminous Virge for one set of the weapons and the other main hand Pistol will likely be the Lorekeeper's Pistol Skin when I build my funds back up again. I don't know how I feel about the dagger which will likely off hand for both weapon swaps, but the Moonshank does the job for now.
2021-10-14 6:20 in reply to Gewreid