Loyalty of a Guild Guardian.

By Nero Angelo on May 19th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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10 4
2 0
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"These halls are empty now."
He quietly mutters to himself about times long gone.
Where you could once hear the sounds of many boasting about their achievements; singing of their goals, you now hear the wind moan through empty corridors and arches.

"Dwayna help me, I did not don this cloth for my own sake. I did not pick up a weapon with the intention of attaining glory ór riches! I chose to protect those who are mine not to kill those who aren't!

What kind of Guardian am I? My shield grew heavy; my knees got weak. I could not protect them when they needed me the most!

A coward is what I am.

I've cast it aside, that shield of mine."

He sighs.

"It now remains besides my fallen companions.

Still, I dare not resign myself.
I'm all that's left of our Order, the moment I concede to my despair is the moment our legacy shall be no more.

No, I'll fullful my duty.
I've vowed to protect our Order and I've failed too many times already.
None shall take this hall; these memories of mine, until my last breath has been drawn.

Tyria will know,
The Order hasn't fallen yet."


Hey everyone,

I've been stalking around here for far too long and have decided to contribute for once.
The idea behind this outfit was to present a man who places his guild before himself. A Guardian who has made the resolve to maintain a guild all by himself now his friends are gone.

There are quite some Ornate Guild Armour pieces here yet I've deliberately chosen for this.
I've been searching for a long time to find different armour pieces yet have come to the conclusion that a lot simply didn't fit what I was going for. The Pauldrons for example are one of the few pauldrons which didn't clip too much with the ornate details of the top. In turn dyeing the pauldrons was simply atrocious. They possess a far more pronounced shine compared to just about all other pieces.

You might consider the spectacles out of place.
I'd like to defend this choice of accessory due to it simply being a necessity.
We can't wear both spectacles and a helmet and I'd rather have proper sight than a helmet on top of my head on a character specializing in blocking with magic. ^^

I'm sure I'm forgetting something and as such I more than welcome all the aid possible.



Fashion Guru
I quite like this look!
Sure, you used multiple pieces from the guild armor set, but honestly to me that doesn't detract at all from this. It feels ornate yet cohesive and practical at the same time. Nothing too over-the-top. Normally I'm in the crowd of "no glasses", yet here it feels fine. Matches that clean-cut vibe that's going on.

All-in-all, great job!
2016-05-19 13:08

Elessar Taralom
Personally I am always a fan of mixing and matching armour, as it poses more of a challenge for the stylist imho and that is the only thing where this look does fall a little short for me
If you´d used different pants or a different top piece (though I feel like the top piece should definitely stay) that would have already left me satisified
Apart from that I like the overall knight-like vibe your character gives off; the choice of weapons really aids your look and the hammer in particular was a really great choice
Your overall presentation is goldworthy, great screens and a detailed story to accompany your look really deserve mentioning
Not a fan of the glasses, but it is ultra hard to convince me of those anyways; it does feel like an important part of his character though, so I´ll let it slide
Overall I´d say that your brilliant presentation really aided you in getting those few favourable points out of me and giving you a gold!
2016-05-20 4:53

Nero Angelo
My thanks to the both of you for the feedback.

I'm quite fond of the glasses although I solely use them on this character as a personal trait.

I agree with Elessar that the breastplate and tassets easily define the majority of this outfit and having them be of the same set gives off an un-original vibe.

The breastplate felt necessary though due to the emblem and the regular Guild Breastplate simply not looking as good. The tassets could've been different but I personally loved how the cloth became more of a tabard due to the combination of the two pieces.

I'll be sure to present a more original look the next time.
Thank you!
2016-05-20 6:50

Fashion Guru
I actually don't mind that you used the same top and bottom piece since they are looking very nice together but I think you could've used some different boots instead, just to make it a little bit more interesting.
Overall the knight- theme is very nice and I really like your dye choice that leaves your character in a very shiny knight- like armour! BUT I would prefer something else than the glasses, I am simply sorry but as long as they are not 100% fitting to the theme and are executed really well I don't see the point of using them but I see that this is a personal touch of your character though I am still a little bit bothered by this skin!
I love the screens you made they are very beautiful and lovely.
I can see that you took some effort here and you know how to deliver a nice presentation. I've seen some comments from you on other looks and I think you know exactly what it takes you create a creative and interesting look so I am very curious about your next creations.
I will give you Gold for this look BUT I would really love to see something more creative next time because I am quite sure that you are quite capable of doing that!
2016-05-20 19:41

All I can say is that I love it.
2016-10-16 22:48