Biting cold [Color Clash]

By NanaItalia on March 29th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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Last minute color clash look xD
This look is actually more a challenge for myself. I like the chest and leggins of the armorset, but I don't like the combination with the shoes. So the challenge for me was to create a look I still like.
I went for dyes to match my legendary weapons Frostfang and Howler, so everything ende up a bit frosty and dusty. I chose this shoulder, because I thought it could look like a ring of ice and the mask, beacause it gives the character a sick and freezing look.
Well, I hope somebody likes her :)


I once was a researcher in Dessas laboratory. I had the honor to be a non asura member of her crew and I think i didn't do to bad for a human. One day however some calibrations must have gone wrong and a rift to the mists opened right before us and I got suck in. The next thing I could remeber was a biting cold. I found myself lying in the snow in a place I did not recognize. I was in the mists, in a place we called fractals. As interesting and fascinating as it was, to be in a fractal myself, I was freezing. The air was filled with icy wind and I was barely able to see. I searched for cover from the storm, but found no way to keep me warm. Some time past, I didn't feel the cold anymore and I knew, I was dying. With my last thoughts I prayed to grenth, god of darkness, ice and dead. If he had to take me, he should do it quick, I would be all his. Next I awoke from a bright light. The storm was over and the sun shone on the white snow. I felt the cold, but it didn't feel painful, more like an strengthening energy flowing through me. Suddenly there was a voice in my head, and I knew, it was the god of darkness himself. He told me, I would be his servant now. Therefor he gave me his power and I myself became the biting cold of death.


Fashion Collector
These screens are INTENSE, love it.
2016-03-29 20:09

Omg the screens are SO SO awesome! *bows down*
You definitely managed to pull quite a fascinating theme out of the colour-clash armor!
Amazing entry, Gold for sure!!! :O
2016-03-29 21:37

Thx Twigz, I'm quiet saticfied with how the screens turned out :)
2016-03-30 4:28 in reply to Twigz

Thank you Hylek!
I tried to capture the cold and the freezing in the screens and focus on the parts of this look, I like :)
2016-03-30 4:31 in reply to Hylek

Elessar Taralom
those screens are just sooooo good, it is truly amazing!
even though you had to use the majority of one armour set, you managed to still make it unique with the last few pieces
It doesn´t even really feel like a Colour Clash look!
Just have all my gold and I hope you win!
2016-03-30 5:42

Aw, thx Elessar, you make me so happy :)
Wanna be friends? XD
Winning would be nice, but morriganiontko did an excellent job with her entry and I think she will make it.
2016-03-30 6:09 in reply to Elessar Taralom

Daaaw, thanks you baby *heart* However I wouldn´t mind losing against your amazing frosty look :3
Colors are great, especially on leggins. I like texture on them.
You did great look with beutiful screens and you have big chance to win aswell, thumbs up for both of us :)
And of course gold for you ^_^
2016-03-30 6:26 in reply to NanaItalia

Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it!^^
No matter who wins, it will be a great look :)
2016-03-30 9:27 in reply to morriganiontko

Elessar Taralom
Yes, let´s be friends, German stylists unite! /o/
You would definitely both deserve it! You are both amazing stylists
2016-03-30 10:03 in reply to NanaItalia

Fashion Guru
The screens look super nice, the weapons fit perfectly, the mask and the loop are perfect for the theme and the colors too ! I like her it's a very nice entry ! :)
Gold !
2016-03-30 11:14

Interesting story! and love the main pic!
2016-03-30 11:29

very good themed style! :) gold for me
2016-03-30 14:14

Great frozen look. She's like an ice queen. :D
2016-03-31 4:25

Thank you, Acethyle :)
2016-03-31 6:45 in reply to Acethyle

Thx Eremite, glad you like it :)
2016-03-31 6:45 in reply to Eremite

Thx Anchona! :)
2016-03-31 7:21 in reply to Anchona

Thank you silvertree! :)
I like the idea of an ice queen, but I think I would change some of the armor for that :D
2016-03-31 7:23 in reply to silvertree

Fashion Guru
Really nice screens and what a pretty and and natural look!
I agree that it doesn't even look like it's a colour clash entry. Truely good work that deserves gold :>
2016-04-03 14:06

Thanks AnaChronism :)
I'm really glad you like it!
2016-04-04 5:37 in reply to AnaChronism