Bremy v.03 Myst Traveler

By Bremy on December 2nd, 2018
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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11 4
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Bremy having always been a good scholar. One day she decided to master the elementalist skills. Although she managed to master all the tempest and weaver techniques that she studied from books, she never felt satisfied. So she started studying and doing research. That was how she remembered the legend of the mists. Arrived at Lion Arch immediately ran from the famous Dessa to ask if she could take her with the crew to test her discoveries of the fractal. Obviously Dessa was very enthusiastic about the new living experiment so simply accepted her request. Bremy's purpose was to look into the past, present, or future for something, a clue, a person, anything that could help her perfect her elementalist skills. She crossed worlds and places, so many that she sometimes did not understand whether she was in the past or in the present. One day she met a manlike being named Zeghai of the Lost who told her many stories and promised him not to say a word to anyone about some secrets of the mists. She never found anything she wanted but understood how to travel between time and space. Sometimes to look for a little relief, she managed to find small holes that the mist opened up. Technically those were some distortion of time and space, places full of stars, with infinite horizons in deep silence. Bremy very often went to those places to find some peace and try to write down everything she saw. Looking to the deep universe horizon she kept thinking and getting strength because what she seeks is very important.
''Sooner or later a teacher, an enlightened one, a god will finally tell me the truth about the magicians who master the elements, what our purpose is. I need to know.''
hello all! was long time i did not post something :D so ye i wanted to post my main again since i changed her a lot in those 2 years xD as i've some time i will post all chars again (i've 16 chars omg.. this will take time xD)
but yea her combo is nothing new. i just had some fun with colours and try to find the right spots for take nice screenshots :D hope u like her ^^


Fashion Guru
Godly screens! Nice use of those zodiac pieces :)
2018-12-02 17:10

"...but yea her combo is nothing new" - that's right... But I like Zodiac armor. And this fits together with Story & Screens. I give you gold xD
2018-12-02 17:49

Fashion Guru
i rlly like the screens.

2018-12-03 11:04

im foreign to light armor but its gorgeous thus gold for u
2018-12-05 11:31

Fashion Guru
Stunning screenshots!
2018-12-10 8:28

Great Screens...Love the dye choices and give me a few ideas as well.
2019-01-02 16:24

baba yaga
At Look Battles, your picture looked promising.
I like that!
2019-02-20 1:50