An Evil Guardian

By Bremy on May 11th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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Someone had told her that the principles of the guardian were to save people, to protect them, because it is the gift that the guardian have, every guardian learn it since they are children. Principles and believes very strong that she believed, but each passing day the credo faded.
Yes is a norn, but she was not born in the snow like all those of her race, she only remembers the time when she was adopted by a master blacksmith charr who lived in the Black Citadel. Good were her father's intentions, let she study what she was good at: fighting. She always had a strong and bully character. Initially the saving people's principles made her felt good, she felt an heroine but each year she grew those thanks that people said to her were gone. Too many disappointments, too many people saved and never grateful. Every palces where she did something good for people it was like they did not care .. ''What's next?'' she tought, there would be another catastrophe, another death, another monster that still would destroy and she couldn't stop it. But she was not giving up.
The optimism did not last long. One day, the only friend of her life, Fumo, a black wolf that always kept company in her adventures died in a fight to save an innocent life, was not seen well by the locals. For them the wolf wanted to kill the little girl, they said, '' is a beast who deserved to be killed '' they said.
She stopped to do good things for others. She realized that she could not trust people, no more, she can't save people for nothing, she can not do it just because they have to live. She understood. No one would help her as she did with others.
By now it was clear that her life would be wrapped by the fighting and killing, not for others, but for herself, for the joy to kill people and for see people suffer like she did in the past.

Heya guys :)
this was a look i did time ago yea, but before i wanted to post it, i needed all the weapon i liked. I was waiting HoT for update this, so here she come xD
i think i had her like 1 year with this look and i never changed it because.. idk, i like it x) i remember someone said me in comments, when i was insecure of wich look i could took, that maybe a guardian should not wear red stuff since skills are blueish. Well im not so agree with this. I prefer the story,i like how people can be creative and make such a original character, i like the controversial too! For example the idea that also a mesmer can be ''ugly'' can be a nice theme xD oh o.o i should do that xD

Btw! i hope you like her :) i will post more looks since i've quite finished other 2 looks that i've in my mind.
thanks for all your support and comments! i appreciate any suggestion :D


I liked this look when you first posted it and I still do :)
The armor combination is just wow and the dyes are dark (i love it) and fitting for an evil look. The tattos look so badass *-*
Even her hairstyle is perfect for this look :)
Only thing I don't like here is entropy because the colors don't match any dye in her outfit^^ but apart from that your weapon choice is superb!
The way I see it this is a super gold look!
2016-05-11 15:44

Ahh I was up for evilish look then and here we go :D Great weapons choice, like machined weapons was created specially for your devil guard xD
I like eveyrthing about your look, however I would love to see more flame-style screens.
Great one, I'm waiting for next! ^_^
2016-05-11 16:19

Very nice dark themed look!
I love the sleek silhouette and the dyes!
You have some very pretty screens and i like the overall presentation with the story :D
Gold from me.
2016-05-11 17:01

Looking good!
2016-05-12 13:10

Fashion Guru
You had me at Evil Guardian :D
I am a sucker for dark and evilish themes and your look is totally hitting the nail here.
I like the armour combo and a part of me is very happy about the overall look here.
The dyes are looking great I like the weaponchoices you made here they are very fitting as well as the screen locations. Your screens in general are absolutely stunning and your Norn looks gorgeous in every one of them.
Gold from me :>
2016-05-12 13:28

Fashion Guru
oh tysm! *blush*
yea probably Etropy's colour it's not the best but i liked the fact it seems so devil xD just this.
2016-05-12 13:50 in reply to Chro

Fashion Guru
thank you so much guys for your kind words :D
2016-05-12 13:51

Muesli King
Fashion Collector
2016-05-12 19:37

Fashion Guru
Just love the dyes and the fiery screenshot are immaculate - big gold from me :)
2017-02-08 6:46

Fashion Guru
Just love the dyes and the fiery screenshot are immaculate - big gold from me :)
2017-02-08 6:46