Born from a frozen tree - Yildun Daphne

By Bremy on February 18th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
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Somewhere in tyria, another Modremoth's Tree was born. The strange fact was that this Tree was not as the Pale Tree, this was born near Jormag's domain and for some reasons the few sylvari that were born didn't understand the Modremoth's call or Jormag's call. It was like that the 2 dragons's power neutralize with each other. For what Yildun Daphne remember she was the last sylvari born by this tree. Jormag's breath was to powerful in those lands for her mother to live. When she born she was alone, no other sylvari where near her to help or to guide her. She never heard Modremoth.. only Jormag whispered in her mind, words that she couldn't get. One day, the loneliness in the cold was so strong that she was at one step from Jormag, but a light saved her life. Glint. Yes another lighty dragon came to visit her mind, and in all of these days of darkness and cold, for Yildun, was a surprise how the world could be so different, or at least, that's what the crystal dragon said. She started to resist to Jormag's voice, she didn't approve the dragon's moral and since she couldn't explain what was good or bad she started to travel the world.
Actually she's not very confident, she doesn't talk to much since good and bad spirits in her mind talk to much. She merely observes the world in search of the truth.
Hi all! :D was a little time i didn't post some look.
I was a little undecided wich look post now since i've some experiment in progress.

Once HoT was out i was studing how could my revenant be. Now i saw many almost similar look, and i love any of them but i know this maybe it's commonly used. Sorry for that!
I tried to do my best :)

As i said to other ppl that asked me i wanna do looks with everything that matches (and that means also weapons!) and for that reason i need time to complete everything! I hope you enjoy what i've done :D


awesome look!
all the metal parts fit so well! i love how the mistward legs seem to expand up to the back. the style of the metal parts simply look so similiar :)
also nice choice of weapons!
i prefer the oaken helm over the glowing eyes but her hairstyle also complements the overall style very well ^-^
2016-02-18 18:06

Fashion Guru
Ahh you're finally back ! :D
This is an amazing look and the screens are gorgeous I love them ! Nice use of the zodiac top and good choice of weapons. Her face looks very cool and I love her story ! :)
Goooold for you :D
2016-02-18 18:21

Fashion Guru
Yessss!!! I love it and I am so overwhelmed by those screens, holy moley! But most of them all I love you so much for such a unique and rare look on a Revenant you don't even know!
The dyes are looking reeaally good and I like that headpiece you used. Wonderful choice of weapons they are matching your look reeeeally well!
I like the story behind her look and I obviously really like her look. A Golden Ticket for you!
2016-02-18 18:53

Beautiful ice theme and great screens!
I love how the glove looks like frozen water :D
Nice theme and story, Gold ;)
2016-02-18 19:03

Fashion Guru
Let there be gold! :)
amazing look! zodiac are usually so difficult to work with, but you really managed to fit it in perfectly.
I love it :D
2016-02-18 20:49

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
you nailed it! gold
2016-02-19 6:27

Fashion Collector
amazing use of Zodiac ... this looks great! nothing to change here at all ... but i do prefer the longer hair in some of your screen :D GOLD!
2016-02-19 11:09

pure gold
2016-02-19 11:36

Elessar Taralom
incredibly beautiful shots, just wow!
I also think this is the first time using mistward pieces didnĀ“t feel boring and uninspired to me
The helmet just makes the look for me, makes me wish I could overclock some of the sliders, gold!
2016-02-19 11:45

I love her with root hair :D
Zodiac armor works perfectly with your character. Perfect choice of weapons and dyes.
Your screens are so so so beautiful :)
2016-02-19 11:52

Beautiful Work.
2016-02-19 13:44

Excellent. I think zodiac shield and Ad infinitum would look even better on this! :)
2016-02-20 5:54

Fashion Guru
thank you so much for those kind words guys :D
2016-02-20 16:10

So well thought out and crafted, your attention detail really shows and the screenshots are just beautiful - a word I use too much, but they really are beautiful :) Gold!
2016-02-21 17:33

Amelia Syleste
Fashion Collector
This look is done so very, very well. The long "hair" fits perfectly with the theme. Really impressive. Well done!!
2016-02-23 11:01

where's the location of the second picture, the one with blue mushrooms?
2016-03-07 11:31

Fashion Guru
it's a jumping puzzle at a hero point west to The Falls into Auric Basin :)
2016-03-07 13:01 in reply to Batresh

Thank you so much! :)
2016-03-08 2:00 in reply to Bremy

Awesome. These colors, is a combination of armor, weapons, and screenshots ... It deserves a platinum!
2016-04-12 16:36

Fashion Guru
*blush* thank you so much! (???)
2016-04-13 10:50 in reply to Asti77

Fashion Guru
* (^,^)
2016-04-13 10:50 in reply to Asti77

beautiful !
2016-08-13 8:59

2016-08-29 23:33

2016-09-05 13:15

Super unique and beautiful! I
2016-09-09 11:52

Awesome Mix
2016-11-11 15:37

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2017-01-08 22:02

Great use of the Zodiac armor with blue skin! The colors match perfectly.
2017-01-08 22:02

Screenshots are great, story is great, character is amazing!
2017-01-17 2:59

Fashion Collector
This is my favourite Frozen look, gorgeous screenshots!
2017-01-31 7:05

One of the best looks I've seen, including awesome screens.
2017-05-07 18:14