Brenni v.2 - The Jungle Flower

By Bremy on July 18th, 2016
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Before Modremoth rised in the Maguuma Jungle another Tree as the Pale Tree was born. The awakening was during the afternoon she remembers. What was her dream? She forgot, or better say, she can't interpret it well. She saw only other sylvari in another land where they lived in peace. Many as her had smile in their faces. Many of them seemed talk with a mysterious bright figure, a queen maybe? she didn't know. Then a dazzling light come to her face and the dream dissolved.
She's a druid, she loves the nature as many others of her race. She learned to stay in the jungle. Once Modremoth awoke, her mother tree became silent, more silent then before. Her sisters and brothers at Modremoth's call couldn't resist. All of them went to serve the dragon. She didn't want go. She saw what the dragon did to the pact, what all of his army did to all the creatures in the jungle. She was afraid. The only friend she had was her sylvari wolf that was so sweet and good with her. He inspires Brenny to stay what she really is.
'' I will not go to the dragon till i have you Yucca, don't worry. ''
Now she travel away from the jungle, searching how the big world is and in search of aswers.

hello guys :)
was time to change my ranger look. As you see the pieces are not so original, i focused everything on the dye scheme here. I wanted to do that since a lot of time! I had inspiration to other 2 creations that really have enlightened me, wich are:
Hipa creation for sylvari glow:
Hylek creation too!:

Also when i was having fun to match some colours at beginning, i tried Cyan Dye on her suit and it was amazing! this colour on a suit gives an amount of shades i never see before! The dye impressed me so much that i took it as challenge for myself. i tough, okei, let's see if i can match those colours! and finally there she is :)
After i did the big job to buy all of these dyes and weapon skins (ouch, my poor money *sigh*) i discovered she seems a Bird Paradise Flower (a tropical flower) wich i love! (i posted it as last picture)

well let's not extend this description more xD i hope you guys like her :)

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I love the colors, the screens, the happy atmosphere you gave to them ! She looks really cute and fun. Even if the armor mix isn't really original I still love it. That's a big gold :)
2016-07-19 9:28

Fashion Guru
thank you very much Pattou :)
2016-07-19 14:37 in reply to Pattou

Fashion Guru
Really awesome. Gold
2016-07-20 0:29

It's a very nice cultural sylvari look! Even though the armor is not very original, the color scheme is very beautiful and special. I love how the flowers on the head fit with the backpiece, but I also like the use of the hat in this look, it adds something more unique to the look ! So I don't know which one I prefer but both options look cool !
Also it's a nice choice of weapons (not sure about the scientific dagger and sunrise tho, but it's just a detail), and the screens are very beautiful too !
2016-07-20 8:11

But what is that face doe?
2016-07-20 8:18

Seriously though, nice dyes, description and screens, but the face does throw it for me just a little, so is a silver from me :)
2016-07-20 8:20

Fashion Guru
wow, such beautiful colours!
it always amazes me how beautiful such vibrant colours can look on sylvari armour
the armour mix isnĀ“t the most creative or original, but your flawless presentation and your originality when it comes to colours really made up for it
personally I like the look 10x better without the tophat btw
2016-07-22 19:04

That smile though.
2016-07-23 12:33

Fashion Guru
I love how vibrant all of these screenshots are, but none compare to the character you built! It's all so colorful, I love it!
2016-08-02 0:52

This might be my favourite look on here! It's so bright and colourful, and the hat gives it a really cheeky edge - she reminds me a bit of the Mad Hatter!

2016-10-21 5:19

Fashion Guru
I love this so much and wish I had courage like you to use that hat! So pretty, interesting, and enjoyable and a great big gold from me :D
2017-01-31 6:58

Curious Samoyed
The colours have been applied wonderfully, she looks very vibrant and sassy!
2017-08-17 0:57

Fashion Guru
I absolutely love this, with and without the hat. The look and your screenshots are quirky, interesting, and full of character.
2020-07-05 5:29