Tomb King

By Naonao on January 3rd, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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14 4
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Risen from the ancient tombs underneath the Crystal Desert, this king comes to claim his homeland.

Makes use of the new armor skins released with the Path of Fire expansion.
Looks great on a medium built Norn, but should also work decently on a Human or Sylvari. Perfect for roaming around in the new Path of Fire maps.

Wanted to keep it relatively simple, no big shoulders, no big plate armor. Got my inspiration from the Tomb Kings from Warhammer lore. As for colors I chose mainly dimmed brown/gold colors, because if the armor would be rotting away in a tomb somewhere in the desert for thousands of years it would not come out all pristine and shiny. The dusty air of the tomb would have done its work by then.
The Funerary Helmet and Spearmarshal's Breastplate give it that egyptian feeling. The Spearmarshal's Breastplate in particular works well becayse it looks like the body is wrapped in linen, combine that with the Dragonhunter's Gauntlets, which also gives the same feeling and you have yourself a decent mummy, as far as Guildwars 2 skins go.
As the shoulders I have gone with the Barbaric Pauldrons, so it would cover the left shoulder, but keep the right shoulder as it is, as that shoulder is already sufficiently covered by the Spearmarshal's Breastplate itself. Other options here that also suit this look well are Splint Pauldrons, Draconic Pauldrons, Pit Fighter Shoulder Guard, and if you really like a big, pompous look, Spellbreaker's Redoubt.
For the legs I have chosen Warbeast Tassets, because it had the best synergy, in my opinion, with the other pieces, but there are many other great options out there, so you can change it to your own preference. (Try Grasping Dead Legguards or Stag Chausses for example!). As for the boots, Funerary Greaves looks like something you would find inside a 3000 year old Egyptian tomb, but again this can be swapped with something more of your liking and you would still keep the Egyptian/Tomb King look.

Looks great with the Mursaat Wings backpack or Banners of King Palawa Joko I.
For weapons the Sovereign set looks especially great, as it has a similar color scheme and that Egyptian feeling.


Fashion Guru
I actually really like the style, all the day down to the skin tone seen underneath the armor itself. It's got a strong theme and good delivery.

I gave it silver because, unfortunately, the description is a bit lackluster and the screenshots are monotonous. Having some good poses and camera angles would help a ton, and the description would be much better if you elaborate on what inspired your choices. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts, most people would love to hear it!
2018-01-03 22:10

Jar Face
Reminds me of a Greek God or something. Love the armor mix and matching, as well as the colors. great look.
2018-01-04 2:42

Fashion Collector
Awesome look! Couldn't hurt to add more screenshots but it's a gold anyway!. :)
2018-01-04 4:55

Fashion Collector
Well, this is some Ancient looking fella you got here. This whole setup is great because Im not a huge fan of Funerary set, and seeing you matching those parts with several other parts from PoF makes me want to create one just like this. Absolutely love the dye colours, anyway, GOLD. TAKE IT!
2018-01-04 6:31

Fashion Guru
Great look man!
2018-01-04 8:41

Thanks for your feedback! As it was hastily done I did not write much and took some simple screenshots.
I added some more description and some different screenshots, hope it helps!
2018-01-04 22:32 in reply to Chiorydax

Fashion Guru
Absolutely! Boosted you up to a gold for my vote, though it seems a ton of people already voted you up there anyway. Awesome work!
2018-01-05 2:30 in reply to Naonao

Is that a JoJo Reference?
2018-01-10 22:20

Not that I know of, haha
2018-01-11 7:27 in reply to aqcualigus

Dr Dark Matter Ryff
I like this, though I think it still needs:
-More weapon screens
-Back screenhot
-Shadows (I can't see any in the screenshots)
-Maybe a different shoulder or dye choice for the current one.
2018-01-11 9:19

Thanks for your feedback!
More screenshots will be added sooner or later, I hope....

As for the shoulder dye. Yes, I was switching between this and a more gold color. Which I think would work well too.
2018-01-11 9:34 in reply to Dr Dark Matter Ryff

Awaken, My Tomb King!
*Pillar Men Theme in the background*
2018-01-14 14:39 in reply to Naonao

NICE, you look like an evil sun king
2018-07-06 14:54