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Been playing casually since GW1, also been lurking on this site since it released never really signing up until I had stuff I'm really proud of to post, atm collecting Icy skins. Possibly looking for a Fashion Guild, are those even a thing? Next goals: -Frostfang (that's gonna be real hard for a casual like me) -Icy infusions (more like, need to test'em out, especially on Sylvari) -Post looks using said cool stuff. -Profit? Next looks (sets ready, gathering screenshots): -Ice-themed medium-armor Asura -Ice-themed heavy-armor Asura -Ice-themed heavy-armor Norn -Headhunter-themed medium-armor Charr Like what I'm doing? Send me some stuff so I can post even better looks, you won't be disappointed (character name: Dr Dark Matter Ryff)