Champion of Balthazar

By Naonao on January 10th, 2018
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Red
Vote Breakdown
5 4
3 0
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This look was inspired by the latest expansion, in which we face Balthazar and his army.

With the addition of armor with a smoldering/glowing effect during Halloween, it got me working on a new style, that makes uses of this new, cool-looking armor.
I started out using the new Lunatic Templar Breastplate and Lunatic Templar Gauntlets too . But I have found that the Heavy Fused Gauntlets have a much cooler effect, and look much more badass in my opinion. For the breastplate I chose Priory's Historical Breastplate over the Lunatic Templar one, because the lines on this breastplate work very well with the Warbeast Tassets I used.
For shoulders I used the Houndskin mantle, as to keep the Balthazar theme going (Balthazar has 2 hounds as pets).
As legs I chose Warbeast Tassets, as this fits the Balthazar theme quite well, with the chains as a skirt.
For the helmet I chose the Lunatic Templar Helm, as this one has red glowing eyes and horns, again fitting well with the theme. And it is overall just a nice helmet.
As boots I chose Flame Legion Greaves, this again gives it that badass look, associated with Balthazar. And because it makes the feet look like claws (paws) it works well with the Houndskin Mantle.

Some other good options that you should consider are:
- Burden of Koda
- Barbaric Pauldron
- Banded Pauldrons
- Braham's Wolfblood Pauldrons
- Barbaric Coat
- Lunatic Templar Breastplate
- Lunatic Templar Gauntlets
- Hellfire Vambraces
- Forgeman Gauntlets
- Claws of Koda
- Grasping Dead Legguards
- Stag Chausses
- Heavy Mursaat Brogans
- Lunatic Templar Greaves
- Elonian Greaves

As for dyes I went with darker reds and dark greys. Dark red being, ofcourse, Balthazar's favorite color, and with dark grey being the charred, burnt armor that his champions wear. For the Wolfhound Mantle I chose a grey/brownish color, as to make it feel natural and realistic.


I was never a huge fan of that helm but you built around it in such a way that it really looks amazing. Dyes and screens are great as well!
2018-01-10 14:58

very intimidating, love it!

2018-01-10 18:10

Dr Dark Matter Ryff
I'm not really sold on gloves (protuberances) and shoulders (barbarian looking), there's also no flamewrath to match the fire theme nor forgeman-looking stuff for the Fused weapon.
2018-01-10 19:15

The gloves fit quite well with the weapon I think, they are both "Fused" style. As for why not Forgeman stuff? Because I wanted to keep the Balthazar theme going, which I thought did not suit so well with that theme. And most pieces feel too bulky to work well. with the other pieces and to not feel like a big hunk of metal.
As for why no flamewrath armor? Again, I think it does not fit the whole Balthazar-theme well. It is better for a gladiator or barbarian-set in my opinion.
And all pieces show skin, while I wanted to have no skin visible. I think a fire-theme and Balthazar-theme are quite different (I did not mention fire-theme in my description either). Since Balthazar is often associated with wolves and hounds, I chose those shoulders (and boots) to perpetuate that theme.
2018-01-11 7:17 in reply to Dr Dark Matter Ryff

Fashion Collector
I don't know why you are hating on every single outfit out there, while downgrading everyone. I mean this dude really tried all the stuff and from all the choices he went with this. I bet you gave him bronze like you give everyone else. No hard feelings bro but it looks like you fucking hate everyone.

To the outfit, I like it. I really think you (OP) should write some badass story about him to justify the looks and give us better persepctive as to why he has the shoulder armor of a dead wolf and gauntles that are embalmed in lava. I know these things are pretty common to get, but the beauty is to create something new and I feel, I haven't seen this outfit yet. That's why I give you SILVER just because the story about him is not there--yet.

Cheers fam.
2018-01-11 7:36 in reply to Dr Dark Matter Ryff

Thanks for the feedback!
I'll be sure to write more of a backstory, got to think about it first though!
2018-01-11 8:15 in reply to RASCALLON

Dr Dark Matter Ryff
I gave him silver actually, he's not getting gold because I feel like it could look even better with:

-more than 2 colors in there (I know there are more than 2 dyes but OP did that to match the different armor textures, at least that's how it looks to me)
-he could match the armor even better
-he's lacking backside screenshots

Those are parts that matter a lot to me.
2018-01-11 8:50 in reply to RASCALLON

Dr Dark Matter Ryff
I know they are "Fused" in name, but they are -explicitly- Dredge stuff, they were released in a patch where you had to fight Dredge in Forge-like locations and some open world events (relating Dredge) even have some as environmental weapons.

What I really meant commenting fiery-themed stuff was, there isn't much to work with anyway (armor-wise), you did your best but I think there are other, more affordable themes with many more options.
2018-01-11 9:10 in reply to Naonao

I don't get your comment on this that it is -explicitely- Dredge stuff, when you in your previous comment mentioned I did not make use of any Forgeman-stuff, while Forgeman armor is also obtained from the only Dredge-themed dungeon in the game (Sorrow's Embrace), thus, in your logic, making them explicitely Dredge and thus not right for this style?
On the other hand, Dredge do not imbue their armor/weapons with fire, the Flame Legion does (the other part of the "Fused" bit) making this not explicitely Dredge.
In any case, it does not matter if it is called "Fused" or "Dredge", they, in my opinion, fit each other very well (the gloves and greatsword) as they're the same style, which is what you wanted, right?

As for the second part. I do not get what you mean with affordable? I know, the greatsword is quite expensive, but that can be left out easily. The other options are easy to get (save for the Halloween helmet, but it really is the center-piece here). While you suggested Flamewrath skins earlier, which you'd either have to pay for, or throw down a couple hundred gold. Not very affordable in my book either. As you can see in my description, I put down some great alternative choices, for those that don't have all the pieces.

Regarding your comment towards RASCALLON.
More than 2 dyes? I have no idea how you want that to work out here, unless you want it to look all mix and match with no coherency. As you can see, this style is made up of mostly armor (which, I think, should be 1 matching color to not make it look out of place) and the rest is made up of a single cloth (or at least, what I want it to appear as), which would also look strange if it was a different color. It just does not work like medium or light armor.
For the armor matching, fair enough, it is still your own opinion. But I tried to explain my choices the best I could.
Lacking backside screenshots. I agree! I will get right on that, thanks!

In any case, I very much appreciate your feedback, and I hope you understand why I made certain picks above others.
2018-01-11 9:27 in reply to Dr Dark Matter Ryff

Dr Dark Matter Ryff
Yeah I can be very confusing:
-the first forgeman suggestion was meant for you to consider those in case you wanted to switch to that kind of fiery theme.
-the Fused explanation was to point out the theme of some items that are more related to dredge than Balthazar.
-the expensive part is about getting the collections of fiery themed weapons to experiment with (war God, Balthazar, Fused, Destroyer, Volcanus, Rodgort...), which far outshines the armor selection displaying said theme, sadly, which is not your fault.

About the dye choice, in Tomb king you used darker tones of the same color for the different metallic decorative parts on each piece, which you don't here.
2018-01-11 10:05 in reply to Naonao

Well that's a gold from me. It doesn't always have to be more than 2 colours. It's also important for the symmetry and all pieces of armour to somehow fit into the whole. I can see that and that is indeed well crafted look. Even though it is oriented around Balthazar and god of war theme, these shoulders could be something else, but on the other hand this skin adds an amazing bulk, especially on norn characters.
2018-01-12 19:52

Hey you commented on my outfit i changed a few things up if you care to see c: also gold from me this looks amazing.
2018-01-14 13:04

Looks pretty dope. I'm personally not a fan of the boots but to be fair I'm not a fan of any boots on norn--I find them too big and bulky. Overall this comp looks awesome. Gold.
2018-07-10 0:23

I accidentally voted bronzed without meaning to sorry :(
2018-07-10 0:30