Lord of the Dead

By Naonao on May 11th, 2016
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
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3 6
1 0
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- Old entry of mine, will not be updated much-

A dark and icy look for Heavy armor users, inspired by the Lich King.


Wow that's spot-on
2016-05-15 22:01

Fashion Collector
My first reaction upon glancing at the first picture was like: "Meh."
When I inspected the armour parts and checked the whole thing again, I must say I'm impressed. I actually wanted more, more pictures, perhaps in some dead-themed place or Tomb or whatever, but I can surely say, what I got I'm pretty satisfied with.

I'll give you GOLD, just because this is your first entry to this site and I too have description-less first character entry. :)

Cheers, muh man.
2018-01-11 8:31

Thanks! But yes, this entry is well over a year old, and never revisited it since. Might have to do that some day!
2018-01-11 9:08 in reply to RASCALLON