A Heritage in Gold

By Mihrean on April 23rd, 2017
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Gold
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A soundless sylvari; grown not from the pale-mother but from a lone tree in the Dominion of Winds. Having woken with dreams of adventure she sets out to explore the strange world of Tyria. The only condition for leaving the Tengu realm is that she may never return.

That or she’s the pact commander, I don’t actually spend much time thinking about my character’s backstory I confess…

I’ve slowly been working on this look for some time now and I think I've finally tweaked it to something vaguely approaching finished. I figure if I don’t post it now I never will.
I initially wanted something non-cultural for my main and I based this around the heritage jerkin (which I love despite the butt-cape) and Chuka and Champawat (though now I prefer Ydalir for the look). With the gold on the jerkin's necklace and gems on Chuka and the triumphant shin-plates I like to think I've made something of a luxurious adventurer, roaming Tyria for treasure and glory.

This might be even better on a human or norn so I could go the full exotic princess look, but I prefer the sylvari faces. (That and I’m lazy and I’d prefer not to give up Take-root)
Also I’m not entirely sure on Rodgort and the Gargolye axe. Whilst I like the way they both have the orange glow and I think they work well together maybe not so great with the rest of the outfit. I may be falling into the trap of using legendaries simply because I have them… I am considering swapping them to the Gold-Fractal torch and Lionguard axe.

Credit: I was having difficulty choosing a staff for this build. A while ago there was a Norn look with Chuka and a tiger theme which used the Order of Whispers staff. To my shame I cannot remember who this was but i definitely nabbed the staff from them. Honestly, it was a fairly similar theme but seeing as how I'd already been working on finishing Chuka and had the majority of these skins chosen when it was posted the rest is co-incidence.

Also... that image cap is killing me. How do I choose O.o


I really like this. She gives me a tribal realistic feel. I rarely like female sylvari designs but I felt you gave her a very original spin.

She reminds me a little of the movie Avatar whose alien inhabitants the Navi resembles your character only that they are blue!

The screens are also very well taken.

Good job!
2017-04-23 10:28

A beautiful amor combination with a top notch presentation. Thank you for your description and sharing your thoughts :) Gold
2017-04-23 15:01

Fashion Guru
I'm glad you like it :) Also I now really need Anet to release a pterodactal/mordrem glider I can ride on...
2017-04-23 15:07 in reply to Eremite

I love the glove-chest combo!
The feathery style on your right arm, dyed in this orange hue looks very cool!
Overall the natural style looks very cool :D
And your presentation is absolutely great!
Gold for you :)
2017-04-24 10:00

Elessar Taralom
What a great classic ranger look!
I simply love how the feathers on the coat transition with the gloves, especially the way you dyed them in this fiery orange
Presentation is pretty flawless, nothing to complain here!
2017-04-24 16:10

Fashion Guru
Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. It really means a lot to me that people appreciate this :)
2017-04-25 7:49

Very nice screens!
She looks so fierce and cool and almost not like a sylvari anymore with that hairstyle.
I love the heritage jerkin and it's always nice to see some new unique looks done with it :) (since I don't own it myself T_T)
Very nice armor combination with fitting dyes and as others already said the combo of gloves + chest piece with those feathers looks really awesome.
Gold for you :)
2017-04-26 8:22

Fashion Guru
Great dye work, nice armor choices and beautiful screens. Gold from me.
2017-04-28 11:27

peach of earthquakes
Good job!
2017-05-12 6:50