Still enough heat for ignition

By BaldGut on February 18th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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It's quite old set of armor, I've been waiting for a cheap Fused Hammer skin but looks like i'll never gonna be able to buy it. Soooo yeah, i tried to make a look of a smoldering coal, that's why colors are so dark + dark colors create a contrast with flames.


Somehow nobody has commented on this. Yay, first.
I love your screenshots (you might need a few more!) and your theme, but you're using too much Flamewalker and Forgeman. Consider mixing some non-fiery armor in there - I'm sure it'll look smoldering anyway with those expensive dyes of yours!
Also, seriously, don't use that Forgeman helmet unless you're cosplaying Darth Vader. :P You're a Scrapper, it seems, so the Scrapper's Helm is a better-looking option for you.
I do like Magmaton, but you might want to take some pictures with other weapons - from the Molten set, perhaps?
2016-02-23 12:28

Ty for feedback Kestrel.
Welp, i'll try to explain a few things about my choices (hope my english will allow me to say everything correctly)

It was quite challenging to find places where the light isn't superwierd, that's why there is only 6 of them. Unfortunately i forgot to take a screenshot from login screen, mb i'll add it someday.
Armor choices
Forgeman helmet > scrapper's mask. Why? Textures of scrapper's mask are way more clean and polished then texture of forgeman headguard + scrapper's mask is clipping through forgeman shoulders.
Pants-the only good option (besides flamewalker leggins) was buccaneer leggings but again a few texture problems
Boots-i wanted to add a tiny bit of bulkiness, that why my i chose forgeman boots. + again i love the texture.
Well, i almost hate Molten weapons set. They aren't that bad and they are "free", but i would rather buy 1 weapon from Fused set, then farm for full Molten set.

Maybe i'll make an ingame gif and post it here to show how good is the flame effect of Magmaton and armor together. And maybe normal abyss dye or black dye are better then shadow abyss. Dunno. Nailed it.
2016-03-01 9:00 in reply to KestrelGirl