Wilhelm Reinhardt (Overwatch cosplay)

By BaldGut on January 23rd, 2017
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
Vote Breakdown
15 3
2 0
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Don't worry my friends. I am your shield!

Charge - check
One bling eye - ay
Large armor - mmm....kinda
Some kind of...rocket pack (?) - choo-choo!
Barrier Field (a small one) - heh
Hammah down! - yuuuup

Personally I don't like that helmet, but it was the only available option. Also I wanted to use Eagle Gauntlets, but the original Rein had a lion face on the left gauntlet, so I have to use Dragonhunter's to recreate the look of the equipment.
I wanted to post this guy like 7-8 months ago, but I'm quite lazy at the time when I need to make some screenshots.

I hope you will like this big old guy=3


Elessar Taralom
Really good cosplay!
I like the attention to detail with the top and the gloves
Also very good choice on the weapons!
I totally ADORE the face/hair/beard you chose, it just looks super on spot, I would definitely not show the helmet when your head is so close to the original
Really cool cosplay, nicely done ^^
2017-01-23 6:29

Spot on cosplay! Love the use of the plasma shield as the barrier.
2017-01-23 7:37

Im amazed by the amount of resemblances and all the details you went for!
The shield, the hammer, the charge in the screens, the glove where his shield comes out (even tho the dragonhead doesnt fit 100%) and even his face!!! Omg the face is sooooo well done *,*
Great cosplay! Gold from me :D
2017-01-23 9:02

Fashion Guru
Can't say that IK the cosplay, but a gold presentation none-the -less
2017-01-23 10:53

Oh my god, this is spot on! Gold!!
2017-01-23 11:28

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
this is awesome. easy gold
2017-01-23 19:27

Very well done. How do you make the eyes different? Is it a new face option? Full marks Gold for this =)
2017-01-24 8:45

Hello there, i really like this cosplay, is there a way to contact you for some questions (like discord/ingame or something)? :) add me in discord "North#4213"
2019-05-04 13:46