[Steampunk] Light Armored Engineer

By BaldGut on September 19th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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17 2
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Neila Mathews, airship captain and pilot in the past.
Two years ago in The Battle for Lion's Arch she lost her ship and the whole crew in miasma. She was able to hunt down and kill one of the Aetherblade Commanders despite the lost arm. Now she wears epaulettes as a trophy and a reminder of this horrific event.
Her greatsword and shield was made of the wreckage of her ship and infused with magic to make these weapons light as a feather. The weapons looks unreasonably big and heavy but they conduct magic better then smaller swords and shield.

Neila quitted her job as a pilot and now works as a engineer in the Lion's Arc Aerodrome. She works, she travels, she studies the secrets of new alloys but she'll never forget her crew, the Battle and she never forgives Scarlet with all terrible things that she created.

Welp I tried to write a little story even though I'm afraid of grammar mistakes.
I wanted to create a look of a airship pilot in the leather jacket that was popular among the WW1 British pilots. I don't realy like very bright colours that's why the only (kinda) bright thing in this armor are the "epaulettes" of the Vigil's Honor Mantle. + VGM work's as a elegant scarf. I couldn't left the backpack slot empty so I added one of the best backpacks in the game - Practical Scribe's BP.
A word about weapons. The is no way to use Fixer Upper as a mesmer right now so I decided to use Adamant Guard Scepter instead. I think it fits just fine.

I hope you'll like this this look. Aaaaand I'm sorry again for all the grammar mistakes that I made.


Elessar Taralom
I don´t have anything really to criticise here, really good job!
The armour mix is on point, you created a great aviator look including the hook
All your weapons are super well chosen across all sets and your whole presentation doesn´t leave anything to wish for! Really great overall upload worthy of a gold!
2016-09-19 15:57

Fashion Collector
I really love how you brought this together! It's fitting to the style you were aiming for, and even exceeded it by capturing a style that can't be accomplished by the typical medium-armor professions. Great work!
2016-09-21 0:11

very nice! although i'm not really a steampunk fan i really appreciate how well all the pieces in this outfit work together to create a truly steampunkish look.
i think the top and pants work very well for that and the aviator cap and backpiece make this look complete. also the weapons are spot on! gold!
2016-09-21 8:23

Fashion Collector
Hey a steam punk build that is done on not an actual engineer class, I love it. It is simple and clean approach to the steampunk genre. Have a gold!
2016-09-21 18:01