Reaper/Gabriel Reyes (Overwatch cosplay)

By BaldGut on September 14th, 2016
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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14 2
3 1
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First of all
I apologize for all grammar mistakes (still learnin')
It's a cosplay, not just typical edgy-emo-something-else from a stereotypical shadow/dark/thief lover ;P
Soooo yeah, It's a Reaper from Overwatch (with a Origins skin!). I realy like both games and i tried to replicate the looks of an original Reaper and Blackwatch Reyes.

Reyes set of armor
Head: Sailor's Beanie (Murky Grey dye)
Shoulders: Rogue Pauldrons (Abyss dye)
Chest: Triumphant Brigandine (Pewter/Abyss/Shadow Abyss/Pewter dyes)
Gloves: Leather Gloves (Silver Lead/Abyss/Silver Lead dyes)
Leggings: Mistwalker Leggings (Iron dye 3x)
Boots: Bladed Boots (Black/Steel dyes)

EDIT : added screenshots from OW with different illumination
EDIT2 : added a preview with a Council Watch Chestguard
EDIT3: removed preview and added a proper screenshot of CWC version (with slightly less darker colors)


Elessar Taralom
I am honestly deeply impressed how close you came to the original character, especially the origin skin is SPOT ON, it´s genius!
Plus you made such nice screens
I never thought I would ever like a look with the beanie, but damn, you made one!
Plus both looks would even look nice without being a cosplay so you really did everything right!
Big fat gold for you ^^
2016-09-14 19:05

I don't play Overwatch but your character is very very similar, thanks for putting the reference images by the way :)
In the version with the Magitech Jerking I guess you used a very dark dye, at least comparing it with the Overwatch image you did put, and maybe the red it should be a bit darker but you used Black Cherry and it seems like a very dark dye. Do you have any other darker?

Good job! :D
2016-09-14 20:15

Fashion Collector
You really managed to do a convincing cosplay here, and not only with one look but two that must have taken a lot of thought time,transmutation charges and well effort as I find myself repeating.
Considering the limited choices you had for the first armor you did the best you could with what you had to work with ,however I feel the dyes can still use improving, in its current state it reminds me of a lot lazy Magitech looks back in the day when it was popular.
The second look is definitely my favorite out of the two,not only is the armor mix great but the dyes too, which is why I hope you will work on a bit more on the dyes of the first armor.
Screenshot wise it might not be too special but it did get the job done, I really found the reference images very helpful.
I rate this look E as in effort.Very good job and very much deserving of my Gold vote !
2016-09-15 3:32

Thank you for your comment Migg!
Welp it was my mistake, i added screenshots form a "night photo session" and tottaly forgot about the difference between daylight and nighttime lighting. That's why Magitegh version looks way more darker than the original Reapers look.
A word about Black Cherry.
I tried every single one red color and BC is the only one fitting. All other colors are way too bright or
2016-09-15 6:16 in reply to Migg

Thank you for a such complete comment Garrius!
When i decided to replicate the look of an original Reaper my biggest fear was to make that classical super-lazy-lame-generic dark looking set of armor that was been used by every thief back in a day. There is only 2 good options for a torso armor-it's Magitech Jerkin and Council Watch Chestguard (will add a screenshot).IMO Councul Chestguard is way better for cosplay but i wanted to keep these red shotgun shells. Well yeah these red lightbulbs aren't shotgun shells, but you get the idea.
I almost can't do anything with the colors. It's has to be abyss/black combination. And it's my mistake with the screenshots-didn't add armor in the daylight and forgot to add a different screenshot from OW.
2016-09-15 7:37 in reply to Garrius

This is a really well done cosplay honestly and the closest I think anyone will get to recreating Reaper. While the look is similar to a lot of the red/black edgy thief look that a lot of people has; Reaper is basically the ultimate edgelord so it doesn't feel contrived at all. I am leaning more towards the Council Watch Chestguard even if it means losing the red bits however, definitely gold!
2016-09-15 12:00

Love it!
2016-09-15 13:57

Fashion Collector
Good to know, well if that's the best you can do with the dyes and armor textures I completely understand. For future reference you could point out details such as this in the description next time around.Regardless of the dyes this is still is a very good cosplay look and I wouldn't want my nitpickiness to get in the way of your enjoyment. I look forward to your future uploads. Cheers !
2016-09-15 17:51 in reply to BaldGut

Nah, it's fine. In fact I want to thank you. I tried again other colours with a Councul Chestguard and I like that variation even more then Magitegh. Even more - it will stay like this cuz it looks better. I miss that red parts but it's ok.
So yeah, thank you for your criticism! And there will be more uploads - cosplays and a few original looks. Hope my english wasn't that disturbing how it seems to me.
2016-09-15 18:17 in reply to Garrius

Fashion Collector
Anytime. Hmm yes I like the Council chest a whole lot more, if it were up to me I'd slap the charred dye on the metallic parts if you ever feel the need to spice up your current dyes.And I wouldn't worry about your English ,in fact you managed to communicate your thoughts quite nicely. Just like with any other thing in life keep practicing and you'll end up mastering it. :D
2016-09-15 18:31 in reply to BaldGut

these are beyond cool, damn fine job :D
2016-09-16 5:34

Fashion Collector
Probably not intentional but it just looks my Batman cosplay (created 1 year ago). In that look I put Guild armor just because the yellow symbol in the chest but I usually use Council Watch Chestguard in game to fit closer Batman armor anyway. You can play seven errors game with these 2 cosplay if you want At least you got some gold medals. Congratulations =(
2016-09-16 8:19

Very well done. Love how you made both skins! Gold :)
2017-01-23 10:09

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
This is pure art. i was waiting for someone to pull off overwatch looks. and here u are. reinhardt and reaper. both are super well done with the items available u have. so gold from me.
2017-03-22 12:15

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