Hipa Hoku (Ranger)

By Hipa on May 5th, 2014
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Gold
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31 15
9 3
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Colors based off Wings of Dwayna/Light of Dwayna
Meaning "Sheep of Stars"

My 2nd ranger. Wanted to have at least one human with weird coloured hair.

Dyes: Celestial, Flare, Winter Frost, Pastel Winter
Weapons: Wings of Dwayna, Feathers of Dwana
Armor: Tier 2 helm, Twisted Watchwork shoulders, Strider's chest/legs, TA gloves, Tier 3 shoes. Light of Dwayna.


Unica Intima
where is this place? O.o
2014-05-05 6:37

Mirrorz Edge
2014-05-05 13:54

Fashion Collector
Most of the pictures were taken outside the map boundaries of the Grove. Has one of the best skies in the game IMO
2014-05-05 15:50

Hi there, may i ask the exact armor dye spots for your armor set? Its very nice! :) Also how do i get the shoulders? Are there any nicer alternatives you can recommend if i cant get it anymore?
2014-05-20 18:04

and what shoulders are in your last piece? thanks!
2014-05-20 18:21

Fashion Collector
The Twisted Watchwork Shoulders were from the Scarlet's Invasion events so it's no longer obtainable :( The last screenshot has the Viper's Shoulderpad. I'd recommend Viper's Shoulder, Whisper's Shoulderguards, Zodiac Shoulderpads or the Human Tier 2/3 shoulders. I uploaded a picture of the dye distribution for you also :) Pastel Winter is on the mask, Winter Frost on gloves, the rest is just Celestial and Flare
2014-05-21 20:21

Fashion Collector
Actually, I just checked the new content, you can get the shoulders again. 64 Festival Tokens for 10 shoulder scraps, you need a 250 stack to make the shoulders :)
2014-05-21 20:43

Thanks mate :) i like the viper shoulderguards. Any idea where to get em?
2014-05-23 22:34

Fashion Collector
Viper shoulders are from the gemstore :( it's 800 gems for the set. Wish Anet would release more non-gemstore skins >.
2014-05-24 0:57

Fashion Guru
you are so pretty.
2014-07-29 10:42

looks really cool =D
2014-12-14 9:01

Fashion Collector
Love the look and the scenery. Would you please tell me which direction I have to go in the Grove to get there? For both the water/sky and the tree with red leaves? Thanks! :3
2015-02-02 13:01

Fashion Collector
thanks! :)

it's kind of difficult to explain in words since it's a map break out. If you really would like to know I can upload a video later and you can drop me a whisper in game and I send you a private link (i dont like posting break out videos publicly :( )
2015-02-02 17:14