Pastel Luminescent Sylvari Mesmer

By Phex on January 20th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
Vote Breakdown
23 24
20 7
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The Luminescent set is a bit difficult to dye but I quite like the pastel colours I picked for this set. It fits a sylvari very well, especially with the light turquoise hair colour.

The Luminescent armor shows colours well in direct sunlight, but in the shade and during night time it glows almost completely blue.


Fashion Guru
This is absolutely stunning - I love this dye combination :) x
2015-05-07 7:47

Fashion Guru
I didn't like the skin tone, but then I noticed the weapons. Oh my god. She's perfect.
2015-05-07 21:07

Fashion Guru
She's perfect sylvary!
2015-05-08 9:23

These dyes are absolutely awesome! Looks like pearl :O
2015-05-08 18:32

Fashion Guru
Look really nice. The dyes channels make it look cool
2015-05-13 23:34