Dream Fate

By PaulIndrome on January 19th, 2015
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Orange
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This is the third of my three main characters who I've written a story outline for.
As usual, her composition is based on that background and her personality. Although in this case a lot of details stem from the background and past experiences.


Syng Sara has died in the Dream.

While her siblings had to stand by helplessly, being held back by sheer panic and heat, Syng Sara burned. Over and over again.
Slowly, the light vanished in vapor from her screaming eyes. Her skin turned bright with flame, then ashen grey and was relit from cinders again. Flames burst forth from her mouth, gaping wide open in agony, the searing heat silencing every scream. Most of her legs eventually fell apart into black dust, being swept away by the unreal breeze of the Dream.
She didn't know where the flames came from or why they came over her wave after wave, but for all time she should remember complete and utter consciousness through the full, agonizing experience.

To this day, the night glow of the Sylvari is missing from her. Bark and skin are bruised, brittle and broken in places like bone splintered between hot stones. Her lower legs are gone, burned away and no spring has ever brought new growth to the stumps. Her sight stares out from dark, empty-seeming eyes from which all color except the black of cold coal has disappeared. Her hair is burned away, leaving a dry, barren scalp.

Syng Sara is alone in her Fate. The sheer physical pain she endured has since been without parallel among the Sylvari. The inferno lasted for 10 Tyrian years, lifetime after lifetime in the Dream.

Due to her skin being sensitive to any and all touch, she prefers wearing very little cloth and most of that of Sylvari making. She wraps ointment-soaked linen around her hands to keep them from becoming brittle and dry, which would impact her delicate spell weaving. Her legs are reinforced braces, enabling her to stand, walk and even run a little despite missing her lower legs and feet.


I tried using a predominantly "burned" color palette. Making the cloth look seared and singed, or burned and blackened for obvious reasons.
This was my second LvL 80 character and she is very important to me and the story I'm writing so I'm very glad to be able to share a portion of it here. :)


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2015-01-19 20:08

Madame De Fer
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2015-01-20 8:28

Likely the most unique Sylvari I have ever seen.

2015-01-21 21:44

Now i want to hear more of her story.... :) Very unique, I love it!
2015-01-22 19:37

Fashion Guru
Unique concept. I think you encapsulated the husk-like nature in her appearance perfectly.
2015-01-29 14:51

PaulIndrome, I am inspired. Thank you.
2015-02-01 12:45

Great story : )
2015-02-02 5:05

Amazing. Style and Concept.
2015-02-22 9:48

Dark but .... really amazing idea!
2015-03-04 3:53

This is disturbingly beautiful, omg
2015-04-22 10:14

2015-05-03 10:41

Breathtaking story you created there! Also the look fits the lore more than perfectly and stands for its own (hope you say it this way :S). LOVE this!!!
2015-05-24 20:01

Fashion Guru
Awesome story! And the really great colour choice. For me that's a goldy.
I wish I could create such stories for my own characters, but I am not tha creative xD
2015-08-16 6:24

Gorgeous, looks she crept right up from the ashes of a fire!
2015-09-29 19:35

This is super unique! love light armored slyvari so god daym much D:
2016-04-28 10:11

Beyond cool.
2016-06-11 10:56

Fashion Guru
This is a stunning outfit. I was looking for inspiration for my own characters, and this blew me away. Great work all around!
2017-04-10 11:18

What if gamora was a sylvari amazing
2017-11-29 9:22