KOI Kichi

By ieva on October 6th, 2023
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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_______________Koi in Japanese simply means "carp", and the fish as we know them are in turn called Nishikigoi in Japan - "brocade carp". The eponymous fabric refers to how valuable such a koi can be: The most expensive carp worldwide was sold for 1.5 million euros, but even on average a fish from a normal breeding costs 5000 euros. Who spends so much money on a koi carp?

The "Koi maniacs" are called Koi Kichi, who look after the animals in their garden pond and watch them grow up. Not only are their beautiful, colourful scale patterns and human-like nature worth the price. Koi can also live as long as a human: 70 - 80 years, some specimens are even said to have lived over 200 years. So if you decide to take in a Koi, you may be making a decision for life. On average, however, the life expectancy of carp is 20 - 35 years if well cared for.
The inspiration for this look came from Reflective Koi Weapons. I wanted to create a Koi Kichi, a girl who is crazy about koi. It took a little longer until I had enough Black Lion statuette and could get Holographic Koi Backpiece.
For a while I was still thinking about which class to take. I tried out different armours and so on. But my Ele was perfect for the Sreeens, because the weapon skills (with water attunement) fitted the theme perfectly.
To underline the Asian theme I chose Canthan Sun Hat. The Nightmare Court Robes resembles Koi's fins and the rest is kept simple because I wanted to show the pale skin (through infusion). The colours are more adapted to weapons colours and alternates between turquoise and red tones.

Have fun with my KOI Kichi!

============= Apparently the page still doesn't work properly, can't use colors / armor parts tool at the moment========================
Armor Dyes: https://i.imgur.com/7Flnxqp.jpg

On almost all screens there is an amulet with the infusion Koda's Warmth Enrichment and Mistwalker Infusion.
Weapons: Reflective Koi Weapon
Back Item: Holographic Koi Backpiece


Fashion Guru
When I first saw the armour mix I thought, well... but when you look at the screens - in motion the skirt doesn't look bad at all, even a bit "fishy". The back item looks very good and compensates for the small things. Very original idea.
2023-10-18 8:29

Thanks :)
2023-10-24 14:20 in reply to Frans

Fashion Guru
2023-11-14 8:26

I'm glad you like it, thanks
2023-11-14 20:15 in reply to morv

A unique and creative idea, beautifully executed. Well done.
2023-12-08 11:42

Thanks for nice comment
2023-12-09 5:47 in reply to nyxgames

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