The Dangers of Being a War CORRESPONDENT

By ieva on November 5th, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Brown
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A war correspondent is a journalist who covers stories first-hand from a war zone.

War correspondents' jobs bring them to the most conflict-ridden parts of the world. Once there, they attempt to get close enough to the action to provide written accounts, photos, or film footage. Thus, this is often considered the most dangerous form of journalism.
The dangers may be psychological as well as physical, and the urge to go further and report more can damage the psyche. Some reporters are driven by adrenaline or danger, but many more are driven instead by a need to bear witness to suffering and give civilians a voice. Some war correspondents write with emotion and empathy, mining territory beyond “just the facts” journalism; their reporting may be aimed at changing the course of the war. The reporters not only see civilian suffering caused by war, but they often actively allow themselves to feel the losses rather than shutting them out in the name of objectivity in order to make those safe at home understand the cost of military action.
The lives of war correspondents are naturally at greater risk than those of correspondents outside war zones. It is considered an unwritten journalistic law that reporters do not carry weapons or wear uniforms. Some journalists even refuse to use bulletproof vests. Nevertheless, even being clearly identified as a journalist is no sure protection against being taken under fire - intentionally or unintentionally.
I ignored the part about weapons and put a rifle in her hand. It's been a while since I unlocked Warlord's armor. Helmet and boots are so rarely used so I tried to create a new look for warrior. Practical Scribe's Backpack is a piece that is used in a lot of different representations, I was tempted to take the previous variant and make something out of it. This is how my War Correspondent came into being. I hope the screens speak for themselves and can save me a story :) Have fun with it!
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Armor Dyes:
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Weapon: Velocitas Erodico
Back Item: Sturdy Scriber´s Backpack


Another great outfit!
I really like the combination of chest and legs and how you died the different fabrics. Without the swirls visible, it took me a second to figure out what top it was. :D
2021-11-09 10:12

Thank you !
Apart from that permafrost is only color that hides ornaments, breast part in white here is like hidden message, like hint to white flag. Even today the white flag serves as a symbol of peace.
2021-11-10 4:31 in reply to Gewreid

Wow. Somehow the whole look does give out that "postman" look!
2021-12-08 21:33