GOLEM Development Designer (Cyborg)

By ieva on September 14th, 2021
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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The Applied Development Laboratory is the home base for Asura in Rata Sum. Actually, the laboratory consists of many small laboratories of mutually independent Krus. One of the main focuses here seems to be the development of new golems, which is why there are several golemancers here, as well as a small golem workshop. Since there are also many newcomers working in the laboratories, the area is located somewhat outside the city, so that failed experiments do not endanger the safety of the citizens of Rata Sum. A golem is a robot constructed by Golemancer, typically equipped with and powered by magical crystals. Otherwise, golems are made of stone, metal, and similar materials. They are strong fighters and workers due to their structure and imposing size, but they lack the intelligence of their lesser masters. Although they are able to "think", that is, draw logical conclusions, their abilities are limited by their programming and they do not seem self-aware.

I am not a Golemancer, nor am I an Asura. And yet I have a soft spot for golems, no, I love them. Perhaps because I am a cyborg myself...
After a long summer holiday I am back and present my Golem developer (since here nothing similar have found, - mostly whole armor or rather chest part is used) .
I recently unlocked Zodiac armour for leather class. I had the idea of a developer who resembles a machine for a long time. The term cyborg describes a hybrid of biological organism and machine. It is usually used to describe people whose bodies are permanently supplemented by artificial components (so I mixed in a few Zodiac armour parts). I took the colours from the golems - gold, brass something and blue accents. Since the Norn culture armour boots are something else to colour where the white stripes ignore all the colours, I mixed in chest piece some white too. Which shoulder part I use, I couldn't really decide (so you can see both variants in the pictures).

As weapons I use Frostforged weapon skins, although here would also fit some other skins that have something futuristic look (eg: Timekeeper, Stormcaller, Endless Ocean weapon skins etc.)

I hope you like my cyborg, golem development designer.

With various back items: https://i.imgur.com/JVMB8ZK.jpg
Armor: https://i.imgur.com/IvNkcyy.jpg


Fashion Guru
Always immaculate!
2021-09-15 19:49

thank you :)
2021-09-16 7:05 in reply to shopaholic

Fashion Guru
I quite like the idea but hte transition between the zodiac legs and the chestpiece is a bit abrupt and awkward.
Zodiac is so hard to properly combine with other armor pieces.
2021-09-17 9:19

I see what you mean. Since the panties (metal part) is eh something irregular and still the chains in the abdominal area are present, this bothers me less. I did not want to take infusion or blue sylvari for it.
Since leather class has hardly any armor pieces without trench coat, I had no choice. Requiem chest armor is short, but has more of a leather look (and in the neck area leaves a gap where you can see skin).
2021-09-20 6:41 in reply to Gewreid