Áedánon - The Vanguard

By Scylla on May 1st, 2021
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Hello there,

I've always struggled with my characters wearing heavy armours. Light & medium armours are for me simpler to elaborate. I recently wrapped my mind around this one as I tried to embrace the idea of what a vanguard would best look like and I am pretty satisfied with what came out of it.

I love the cape and the helmet together ; the touch of red peps the entire outfit and it also can be found on the grips of both the sword and the greatsword. I believe the shield is a nice addition as the shape and the gold on it compliment the whole outfit.

I only used three dyes for the main armour, but because all pieces are from different sets ; the variation does the trick. By variation I mean for example ; a bright yellow on the dyes channel and once on the outfit turns dark brown [a real pain]. The three dyes in question are : "black" and "carnage orange" for the core of the armour and then some "scarlet" on the crest of the helmet and on the Jora's cape.

My main being a female weaver and extra shining [legendaries & infusions], I wanted something more subbtle and more medieval themed rather than fantasy inspired.

I hope you'll like it as much as I do.

The pieces :

_Head armour -> Firebrand's War Miter (D1 carnage orange, D2-3 black, D4 scarlet),
_Shoulder armour -> Houndskin Mantle (D1-2 carnage orange, D3 black),
_Chest armour -> Whisper's Secret Breastplate (D1-3 carnage orange, D2 black),
_Hand armour -> Draconic Gauntlets (D1 black, D2 carnage orange),
_Leg armour -> Vigil's Honor Tassets (D1 black, D2-3 carnage orange),
_Foot armour -> Protector's Footgear (D1 carnage orange),
_Back item -> Jora's cape (D1 scarlet, D2-4 black, D3 redemption),
_Glider -> Lightbinder Blades Glider (D1 lemonade, D2 ember red).

_Greatsword -> Krysaor, the Golden Sword,
_Sword -> Firebringer,
_Shield -> Shield of the Wing.


Fashion Collector
Nice screen and nice design. You remind me of another entry here -the hoplite. But since you did not use historical reference i do not have to judge you on accuracy to the source material.

Gold, well done.

But I'm me...so a nitpick.
Look at your characters arms - noodles. While you're playing a norn barbarian woman who constantly walks around with a greatsword. It's perfectly fine on pictures with 1h sword, there it's a non issue. But when you walk with 2h greatsword in just one hand (first picture from left, 2nd row) it just looks bit silly.
2021-05-11 6:50